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Vault Laser Maze

Scene75 Chicagoland's Laser Maze

Laser Maze Challenge by FunovationHello agent, we have a new mission for you to accomplish, and we need it done FAST! We need you to go through the vault and make your way out on the other side. You have to be careful not to set off any of the laser beams by touching them in this “mission impossible” task.

THE VAULT Laser Maze at Scene75 Chicagoland is a blast! This mission is for the true ninjas amongst us, the ones that move with stealth and agility, the ones that never miss a step. Do you have the skills necessary to sneak in and out of the vault without setting off the alarms? Put your reflexes and agility to the test while making your way through a maze of laser beams. Weave through the maze by crawling, bending, and jumping over the laser beams without breaking them! Play to get the high score or try our 2-player experience and compete head to head! Scene75’s Laser Maze has you racing your friends to the finish. Will your score be good enough to be included on the Funovation Top 10 Leaderboard?