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Tsunami Roller Coaster

Tsunami Roller Coaster

Introducing Chicagoland’s largest indoor roller coaster in Romeoville, Tsunami!

Standing twice as tall as our roller coaster in Columbus, Ohio, Tsunami is a wild ride packed with speed! Feel the forces of a raging storm at sea on Tsunami! Get ready to drop and spin through a twisted course of steel!

A thrilling roller coaster experience! While speeding forward on the track, the cart spins you for extra adrenaline fun! Coaster cart seats 2 riders at a time.

Lining the sign is hand air-brushed artwork imported from Italy, inspired by the crashing waves of a tsunami!

Tsunami Restrictions

All rides must meet a required height of 48″ to ride alone and must be at least 42″ to ride with an adult. All riders must be under 250 lbs and under 6′ 3″.