Indoor Mini-Golf

9 Hole Blacklight Mini-Golf

Are you ready for a scenic adventure as you putt your way through Scene75 Chicagoland’s 9 hole black light miniature golf course?

Indoor Mini-Golf Courses

Blacklight Indoor Mini-golf in CincinnatiDo you think that you can sink your shot on our glow-in-the-dark miniature golf course? You will have to putt your way over, through, and around fun obstacles on your way to the hole. Its your turn to pick out your brightly colored golf ball, grab a putter, and get out on the course. We will have a wide range of putter sizes so even younger children can play mini-golf with the family at Scene75 Chicagoland.

Scene75’s Blacklight Mini Golf course is themed and painted to take you an exciting visual journey as you putt around the course with your friends or family. To make your putting experience even more fun, all of the art has been painted with 3-D effects. This will make it feel like the art is popping off the walls.

There is no height requirement for Blacklight Mini-Golf.

What Scene75 Chicagoland's Blacklight Mini-Golf Course Will Look Like