Laser Tag

Cleveland Laser Tag

Step into another world as you challenge your friends in a laser tag mission at Scene75 Cleveland! In our expertly themed arena you will get to show off your laser battle skills!

Laser TagThe Best Laser Tag in Cleveland!

As you enter Scene75 Cleveland’s new laser tag arena you will be amazed. Blacklights glowing, a mist of fog hovering in the air, and music pumping throughout the tactically designed maze of walls. Equipped with your high-tech laser tag battle suit you aim your phaser, waiting for the mission to start. Your vest begins to glow bright as it activates and the speakers on your vest tell you to GO! GO! GO! The mission has started! It is now up to you & your team to tag the opposing team and zap their base to earn as many points as you can.

Scene75 Cleveland Laser Tag

At Scene75 each arena is custom designed and painted by an industry leading laser tag arena design firm. Scene75 Cleveland is the next chapter in a series of exciting and detailed arenas. After a lot of thought and planning, our team decided on a theme for the arena: A battle for Gotham! The multi-level arena features a series of buildings and rooms designed for players to strategically weave in and out of to chase down the other team and take cover.

In addition to the expertly themed arena, Scene75 Cleveland features the most advanced laser tag equipment on the market. We have added interactive features throughout the arena to provide power-ups and bonus points, making the game play even more engaging! There are three power-up beacons each giving out a unique special ability: invulnerability, double points, or “meltdown mode”. The “meltdown mode” is a new special feature that causes sensors on one of the arena buildings (located in the middle of the arena) to light up rainbow. Players that are standing to close to the skyscraper will start to lose points until they get away.

Simply stated, Scene75 Cleveland takes the best elements of laser tag from across the world and combines them into one arena! There is no other experience like it!

Don’t know how to play laser tag?Lazer Tag

What you don’t know, we will teach you! Before every game the Scene75 laser tag captain will do a quick briefing and teach you how to play. After going over the instructions & rules the players will be split into teams. Each team will then head into the vesting room to put on their battle suit. Once everyone is ready it is time to step into the laser tag arena and let the game begin!