Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Scene75 Cleveland FAQs

First time visitor? Being one of the largest indoor entertainment centers in the country, we know you may have some questions about our facility! Below are some helpful FAQs for your visit to Scene75 Cleveland! Need directions or information on height requirements? This will have all of your answers!

FAQs for Scene75 Cleveland

How do I pay for my visit to Scene75?

At Scene75, there is no charge for admission! Simply visit, load a desired dollar value onto a Scene75 Game Card at one of our point of sale stations or Iteller automated kiosks, and enjoy all games and attractions in the facility with simple swipes of your card – the corresponding dollar amount of the attraction or game will be automatically deducted from your initial loaded dollar value. All attractions can be paid for using your Scene75 Game Card! Card value is not valid for food or beverages. Attraction and arcade game pricing is as follows: Attractions range from $2.00 to $10.00 per person and arcade games range from $.25 to $3.00. Please visit the Scene75 Cleveland Attractions page for a detailed pricing list.

Is my $100 party deposit refundable?

We apologize in advance, but we are unable to refund party deposits in the event of a cancellation.  Please understand that we need to staff for parties well in advance of your specific party date in order to ensure we provide the best service to each event we host.  Please rest assured, however, that party deposits are always applied toward the total price of your party.

Do I need to wear socks in the Bouncing arenas?

Yes! You must wear socks to bounce.  In the event you forget to bring socks, we sell them at the bouncing sales counter.

How old must one be to play in the laser tag arena?

While our laser tag equipment is the lightest on the market, they may be too heavy for anyone younger than 5 years old; thus, we require our laser tag players to be at least 5 years of age.

How long is the laser tag mission?

Our laser tag missions are a total experience of 15 minutes. 5 minutes are used for briefing to go over facility rules and how our laser tag is structured. The following 10 minutes are for game play.

How old must one be to drive a Spin Zone bumper car?

Our Spin Zone bumper cars feature an inner-tube design, making them incredibly safe. That being said, one must be 48″ tall to ride.

How old must one be to drive a go kart?

We have settings on our go karts to make them safe, yet still fun for everyone. To drive a single rider go kart the driver must be 54″ tall. If a guest is not 54″ tall, we offer 2 seat go karts. The driver must be 18 years or older and 54″ tall and the passenger must be between 36″ and 53″ tall.

Where is Scene75 Cleveland located?

Scene75 Entertainment Center (Cleveland) is located at 3688 Center Road in Brunswick, Ohio.