Hurricane Relief Fundraiser

“At Scene75, we are blessed to work at a place that brings people together for all sorts of reasons. In certain situations, there is an opportunity and a responsibility with a facility like this to bring communities together to try to help out and make a difference. When communities come together, amazing things can happen.

While watching the hurricanes and damage unfold in Texas, Florida, and throughout the Caribbean, we were struck with the same emotion and empathy for the communities in these areas, that Americans across the country have been feeling. Millions of people and families have been uprooted with everything that they know gone with one storm. The amount of support that has been generated so far to help these individuals has truly been inspiring

After watching all of the devastation on TV and seeing some of the amazing efforts to help from afar, we felt compelled and inspired to pitch in. On Monday, September 18th, we will be opening our doors at our Cincinnati and Dayton locations for an exclusive fundraising event and Stuff the Bus Campaign. For a $30 ticket, guests will get an unlimited attractions wristband (available to the public for the 1st time in Scene75 HISTORY) as well as a $10 arcade card. 50% of ticket proceeds will be donated to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy. And, if we are able to stuff our bus full of supplies for the victims, we will drive it down OURSELVES to Florida to deliver to the victims.

If you get a moment out of your busy life to join your community, we would love to see you there. It will be a night for fun and it will be a night for a cause that we can all rally together on.”