Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality - Dayton Location Only

Put on the headset and enter a new world of possibilities in Virtual Reality. In virtual reality the three-dimensional environment that you see is controlled by a computer, allowing you to experience games as if you were actually inside of them. 

Virtual Reality Experience!

Your heart is racing, you know its not real but, for that split second, you forget. Adrenaline is pumping through your veins. You quickly spin around, pulling the trigger, “pop, pop, pop”. The zombie crumbles to the ground just feet away from you. Reality begins to set in as you take off the headset… THAT was awesome!

Virtual Reality Gameplay

The virtual reality room currently has 15 different games and experiences for players to choose (including 4 online multiplayer games). Scene75 plans to continue to add more games as they are released. The games list includes a wide range of genres:

Dayton Location Only

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Art & Design
  • Educational
  • Music
  • Puzzle
  • Shooters
  • Simulators
  • Sports
  • Visual Experiences

Please visit Scene75 Dayton for a current list of game titles or to request a specific HTC Vive game.

Virtual Reality Room

The Virtual Reality Room is currently only available at the Scene75 Dayton location. The new attraction features ten VR gaming stations. Each station is equipped with an HTC Vive headset, a controller for each hand, and a top-of-the-line gaming PC. The audio and visuals from the headset make the player feel as though they are actually inside the game. As the player moves around the 9ft x 12ft gaming area sensors mounted above the area track their movements. It is a truly immersive experience.

Scene75 Dayton offers two different time sessions: A 20-minute gameplay session for $12 and a 60-minute gameplay session for $24.

Virtual Reality - VR

Virtual Reality HTC Vive

Scene75 Is The Place To Play

Currently, virtual reality systems are out of the reach of most consumers due to their high price tags and technical skill requirements. The HTC Vive headset – which is widely recognized as the best and most advanced virtual reality headset – costs $799. Plus with the cost of custom building a computer that is powerful enough to run a VR system, consumers are looking at a total cost of $2500-$4500. This makes the new attraction at Scene75 Dayton one of the few locations in the country that guests have the opportunity to walk in and experience virtual reality without having to own a system.

Don’t know how to play?

No problem! This is very new technology for a lot of people, so we expect people to have lots of questions. We will have an employee at the virtual reality room desk to explain the games and help you pick the best one for you. They will also teach you the basics to the controllers and equipment. Once you have gone over the instructions & rules you will head into the play space. In there you will put on your virtual reality gear and get started! (Don’t worry, an employee will be in there the entire time if you have any other questions)

Want a new challenge?

Scene75 Dayton has 4 online multiplayer games so that you can play with and against friends or people from around the globe online! As new games are released for the HTC Vive we will add them for you to be able to play!

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