Happy Halloscene

FREE Indoor Trick or Treat & Costume Contest

Calling all ghosts, goblins, princes, and fairies! Check out Scene75’s FREE indoor trick or treat & costume contest event! A night full of treats and no scaries! Happy HalloScene!


Thursday, October 27th from 5pm – 8pm

Compete in our costume contest and win prizes!
Ages 0-3 – 6:00pm
Ages 4-6 – 6:30pm
Ages 7-12 – 7:00pm
No reservation or sign-up required.


Halloscene will be held indoors at each Scene75 location!

Dayton –
6196 Poe Avenue Dayton, OH 45414
Dayton FB event page

Columbus –
5033 Tuttle Crossing Boulevard, Dublin, OH 43016
Columbus FB event page

Cincinnati –
876 OH-28, Milford, OH 45150
Cincinnati FB event page

Cleveland –
3688 Center Rd. Brunswick, OH 44212
Cleveland FB event page

Chicagoland –
460 S Weber Rd, Romeoville, IL 60446
Chicagoland FB event page


Kids are back in school, pumpkin spice is everywhere, and the leaves are starting to change. Fall is finally here! For Scene75 this means that our annual FREE Indoor Trick-or-Treat & Costume Contest Event is right around the corner!

We are looking forward to seeing all of the families and smiling faces on
Thursday, October 27th from 5pm – 8pm
for a warm & fun trick-or-treat event!

Located throughout our facility there will be multiple stations welcoming costumed children to say “trick-or-treat” in exchange for a handful of candy and the occasional toy!

Scene75 is an indoor facility, so no need to worry for rain or cold weather spoiling the night!

No full-head covering masks and no weapons, toy or fake weapons are allowed.

The Story of Halloscene

How our Trick-or-Treat Event started

It all started back in 2012 at our original location up in Dayton. On October 30th, 2012 a Scene75 fan posted on our Facebook page at 8:35am asking “What do you think about spreading out several employees around Scene75 with candy and letting the kids have an indoor Beggars’ Night there, since this weather is simply MISERABLE. Especially for little ones who deserve to Trick or Treat but don’t deserve to be in this weather”.

The team and I had thought about the idea in the weeks prior to Halloween, but it seemed like a challenge that would be out of reach. Over the next hour that post began to collect likes and comments. So at 11:48 am we decided to push ahead and posted to our Dayton Facebook page that we would be hosting a trick or treat event that evening from 6-8pm.

The clock was ticking, we had less than 7 hours to get the event organized and promoted. Planning was in full swing; spreading word to employees, designing the layout of the candy stations, and rushing around to get more Halloween decorations. Our announcement on Facebook was being shared and liked by hundreds; we optimistically planned for a big turnout. We prepared hundreds of pounds of candy from our redemption prizes to be given out as trick or treat candy.

When 6:00pm rolled around, it was the moment of truth. In the midst of a torrential down pour of rain Scene75 Dayton hosted its first indoor trick or treat. Within 5 minutes there were 50 kids dressed in costume, within 30 minutes the building was full of trick or treaters and a line was forming outside the door. That line would continue for hours. Two hours was not going to cut it, we had to add an extra hour to allow everyone to cycle through the candy stations.

In those 3 hours we had over 2,000 trick or treaters walk through the building and gave out over 850 pounds of candy! It was an awesome event to see and the feedback we received on Facebook was incredible. For an event with less than a days worth of planning it was a huge success. Before the night was over, we had decided that we are going to do this again every year.

Costumes from past years