Blacklight Mini-Golf

$5 for 9 holes - $8 for 18 holes

Black Light Mini-Golf

Prepare for the scenic adventure of a lifetime as you play on our two 9-hole black light miniature golf courses.


Can you sink your shot on our glow-in-the-dark miniature golf courses? Do you have what it takes to putt your way over, through, and around fun obstacles on your way to the hole? Pick out your brightly colored golf ball, grab a putter, and take a scorecard to keep track as you go. With a wide range of putter sizes even smaller children can play mini-golf at Scene75.

We have two 9-hole courses, which can be combined for a full 18-hole round or you can play one and come back another time to try the other. Each of our mini golf courses is themed and painted to give you an exciting visual journey as you putt around the course with your friends or family. The themes are different depending on which Scene75 location you are visiting, so check out the descriptions below for more information.

Dayton Mini Golf

Scene75 Dayton is proud to offer the area’s first & only black light miniature golf courses. Featuring two glow-in-the-dark, 9-hole courses each featuring a different theme. You will be stunned by the fluorescent visuals — they truly are remarkable works of art!

Our first 9-hole course takes you through an underwater “fanta-sea”. Putt your ball in the midst of a glowing gallery of sharks, whales, sea turtles, and more.

Our second 9-hole course takes you on a scenic tour of Route 66. Go back in time as you putt past famous U.S. landmarks and icons from the 1950s.

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