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Dark Ride – 7-D Motion Theater

$7 / Ride (per person)

The Dark Ride 7-D Motion Theater is a motion simulator amusement thrill ride that can seat up to 8 riders.

The Scene75 Columbus 7-D motion simulator fits up to eight people in linked-motion seats with high quality enclosed sound/audio. The ride includes immersive effects including motion, wind, 3-D video, and surround audio. These awesome effects make the short films pop off the 15-foot screen while you are wearing special 3-D glasses. Each group of riders get to pick their film experience from our many options with a variety of themes. One of the most unique features of the Dark Ride experience is the interactivity. Each seat comes equipped with a phaser to tag enemies during the interactive video. Rack up the highest points for ultimate bragging rights! The interactive films are roughly a 5 minute experience, plus a few minutes for instructions. All guests must be 40″ or taller in order to ride the simulator.