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Coming Soon! Limitless VR

Experience VR Like NEVER BEFORE!

Step into the action in a whole new way. Limitless is an immersive, free roam VR attraction with physical props and barriers in the playing space. Merge the real and virtual world in a non-stop action, packed multiplayer game!

Free Roam... Action Packed!

Free roam means a player is not hooked up to any cables. Pivot, dodge and crouch from beams as you unplug from the traditional limits from standard VR.

  • Cordless
  • Virtual & Physical Barriers
  • Real Phasers to make the action come alive!

Coming soon to Scene75 Columbus! We can’t wait for you to experience this BRAND NEW attraction coming soon to our game floor!



Virtual & Real World Arena

Step into a virtual map filled with barriers to hide behind, spaces to dodge around and virtual theming that is out of this world!

Virtual Reality gives an out-of-this-world experience that makes a user feel like they are stepping into a whole new realm! Feel the arena come alive as you navigate through the digital world that is mapped on top of the real world arena.

The entire virtual map’s barriers level design match the real-life arena that you step into. Boundaries and walls are real, giving a tactical feeling as you dodge a player’s virtual bullets behind a real barrier.

This gives the feeling of virtual combat a whole new feeling. We take the virtual space and make it feel real as you navigate the course.

Play as a Virtual Avatar

Each player is assigned a virtual avatar to play as in the virtual space. See your friends, family and other players represented as awesome avatars in the arena! Who will you play as?

Coming Soon to Scene75 Columbus!

Come and try out Limitless VR for yourself at Scene75 Columbus! Opening soon downstairs near the Homerun Zone batting cages!

This action-packed attraction is going to change the way you view player-vs-player games as you feel the adrenaline from a mixed virtual and real-world area.

Opening Soon at Scene75 Columbus!
5033 Center Rd.
Dublin, OH 43016