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Chaos Room – Multiplayer Virtual Reality Experience


Chaos Room Multiplayer VR

Introducing our newest update to the  Scene75 Cincinnati Chaos Room… Tower Tag Multiplayer VR! Upon entering the Tower Tag arena, your concept of gaming will forever be altered. Take your video gaming to the next level with a full-on Multiplayer Virtual Reality experience!

Check out this awesome video featuring real gameplay footage:

A new and Immersive Experience

The game principle of Tower Tag was developed for VR arcades from the ground up. Just put on the VR headset and you’e immersed in an incredible futuristic world. Tower Tag offers many possibilities to make the gaming experience even more immersive. The controls are easy to pickup, and you’ll quickly become a pro. In no time, you’ll be teleporting from tower to tower, capturing ground, and blasting your multiplayer opponents who stand to face you!

Tower Tag offers an intuitive method of movement which gives the game a very dynamic gaming experience without the risk to cause motion sickness. The greatest strength of Tower Tag unfolds in the sporting competition. The greatest feature is that this Virtual Reality experience has full multiplayer functionality. This new gaming experience is truly the next biggest thing to hit the arcade. Challenge your friends to a round of Tower Tag in Scene75 Cincinnati!


Each mission of Tower Tag Multiplayer VR is $10 and lasts about 8 minutes.


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