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Mini-Bowling Lanes

Mini-Bowling Lanes -$5

Mini Bowling LanesGreat things come in small packages… We agree, so we took the best parts of regular bowling shrunk it down, and made it even more fun!

Scene75 Chicagoland’s mini-bowling is just like the normal game of bowling, just on a smaller scale! We found much smaller bowling balls, made them way lighter, and got rid of the finger holes that everyone hates. We didn’t stop there, we even brought the pins closer to you with shorter lanes! Don’t worry, there are still the same number of pins, so good luck with your “7-10 split”… Check out our mini-bowling lounge and prepare to enjoy a fun environment that is great for kids and adults alike!

The Scene75 Chicagoland mini-bowl lounge features 6 lanes of mini-bowling with automated computer scoring. The lounge area is relaxed and comfortable with couches, tables, projection screens so that all the bowlers can hang out and enjoy while rolling the ball down the lane.