Scene75 Special Needs Program

Special Needs Day

Scene75 is offering a FREE program for those with special needs.

The program has been developed to help improve social and motor skills, hand and eye coordination, reaction time, and recognition… all in a safe, controlled and FUN environment.

Special Needs Day on the first Thursday of every monthWhy is Scene75 offering this unique Program?

Research has shown that video gaming can help develop social and motor skills, improve hand/eye coordination, reaction time, and recognition.

What is the Main Focus of the Special Needs Program?

The main focus of our Special Needs Program is to use our interactive gaming room, called The Chaos Room, to help build motor and social skills, recognition, reaction time and hand/eye coordination. The Chaos Room is an interactive gaming theater where you can play video games on 15-foot HD projection screens online or offline.

What else does Scene75’s Special Needs Program include?

  • A $10.00 Arcade Game Card granting access to play any of our over 100 arcade games. Arcade games help with reaction time, hand and eye coordination, recognition, and motor skills.
  • One Spin Zone Ride – A fun dodge-car experience that helps with reaction time, recognition, as well as motor and social skills.
  • Nine Holes of Black Light Mini Golf in one of our two themed courses. Mini Golf helps with hand/eye coordination, social skills and motor skills.


  • Scene75 Entertainment Center Dayton 6196 Poe Avenue Dayton, OH 45414
  • Scene75 Entertainment Center Cincinnati 876 State Route 28 Milford, OH 45150


  • Dayton Location: 937-619-3201 or email
  • Cincinnati Location: 513-965-4045 or email


We hold this event every first Thursday of the Month

Age Limit

There is no age restriction on the person with special needs.


Siblings can, and are encouraged to, participate to make things easier and more comfortable for the individual with special needs. However, attractions for siblings are not free. Siblings can purchase the same game card for a discounted price of $14.99 each.

Parents and Guardians

Parents and/or Guardians are required to stay and help the person with special needs. It will make the person with special needs and the Scene75 Staff Members more comfortable, making the experience more enjoyable for everyone!

Contact Scene75 for more information.