FUN-raising at Scene75


Scene75 puts the FUN in FUNdraising! It’s never been easier to earn the funds you need for your organization or cause.

We have two different options to help you raise money: The FUNraising Gala & The Mini FUNraiser

FUNraising Gala

FUNraising Gala

With attractions for all ages Scene75 is the ideal venue to host your next fundraiser. For the Funraising Gala we give your organization the whole facility for a private evening of fun. All you have to do is sell tickets for the evening. Each ticket includes 4 hours of unlimited attractions, pizza & soda buffet, and $20.00 in arcade play. That sounds like a two-hundred dollar value…But for the Funraising Gala you get to sell the tickets for $48 each and you get to KEEP $24 for every ticket you sell!

If you sell 500 tickets you get your entire deposit back from Scene75 (A total of $12,000 earned for your organization with zero cost)! If you sell all 1,000 tickets you will earn $24,000 for your organization!

Mini FUndraiser

If you are looking for a way to earn extra money for your team or organization without as a major of a ticket selling effort, the Mini FUNraiser may be perfect for you! The Mini FUNraiser creates a great night out for your community where your dollars can go towards a great cause. For these events, Scene75 puts together a package worth up to $40 including two attractions of your choice and a $20 arcade card. We sell these to your guests for $25 and then donate $6/ticket back to your organization. This event is a great way to raise anywhere between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars and have a community night out!

*Only available on Wednesdays and Thursdays