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It is our mission to save communities that we care about from boredom.

To us, that means being more than just a fun place to go with friends or family. It means being a space that can bring people together to create lasting memories. It means accepting our role as a leader within the community and empowering people. It means supporting important causes and inspiring future leaders in school and life.

Why do we do it? Not because people are looking, but because it is the right thing to do. This drives us to frequently step up, lead by example, and be proactive about improving our communities. The Scene75 team is passionate about our communities, to learn more about some of the programs that we offer check out the following:

Learn To Earn Program

Scene75 truly believes that in order to improve our communities that we as a society must make educating our youth a priority. As a result, Scene75 designed the Learn To Earn Program. The goal of the learn to earn program is to encourage students to strive for academic excellence by helping teachers to reward and recognize their students’ achievements. In the Learn To Earn program educators (including teachers, principals, teachers aids, PTO, and other school faculty) can purchase a $10 Scene75 Arcade Card for only $3. This card then must be used for academic purposes such as a reward for good grades, completing assignments, behavior, and other positive education related accomplishments.

Learn to Earn

Special Needs Program

Special Needs Day on the first Thursday of every month

After seeing a need in the community for a program that caters towards individuals with mental and physical disabilities Scene75 created the Special Needs Program. The goal of this program is to help improve social & motor skills, hand-eye coordination, reaction time, and recognition for those individuals within a safe, controlled, and fun environment. In this completely free monthly initiative, individuals with special needs get to experience our chaos room (video gaming theater), receive $10 in arcade play, a ride on the spin-zone bumper cars, and a 9-hole round of mini-golf. Over the last year Scene75 has had 1,000+ individuals take advantage of this program on the first Thursday of every month.

Wright State University Partnership

The Scene75 and Wright State partnership is an example of when two organizations truly recognize the value in the other and get creative on how they can help each other achieve their goals. The different programs between Scene75 and Wright State over the past five years are numerous and include

  • WSU Professional Business Institute
  • WSU’s Shark Tank featuring Jonah as one of the ‘sharks’
  • Guest lectures from Scene75 leaders to hundreds of Wright State students every year
  • Jonah’s appointment as Chairman of the Student Experience Committee on the Dean’s Advisory Board

Check out the video to the right of last year’s Professional Business Institute at Scene75!



Indoor Trick-or-Treat Event

Scene75 Indoor Trick or Treat

On October 31st 2012, in the midst of a torrential down pour of rain, Scene75 did what no other Dayton business would do and stepped up to the plate… With less than 6 hours of planning and promotion, we hosted our first indoor trick or treat event in order to provide a safe and dry location for children in the Dayton area to celebrate Halloween and go trick or treating.

This year we were ready with a ton of candy (literally 2,000+ pounds of candy) to pass out to children ages 2-12 as they trick or treated around the Dayton and Cincinnati facilities. Our communities were even more ready, so ready in fact that we had over 5,000 guests attend the event. This event is more than just trick or treating, it serves as reminder for the community that Scene75 is not just a business in search of profit, but rather a part of the community that cares.

Dayton Trick-or-Treat & Cincinnati Trick-or-Treat

Toys for Tots Day

Partnering with the national Toys for Tots program Scene75 collects toys from December 1st through December 10th so that less fortunate children can have a happy Christmas. But we knew we could do more and that the community is looking for a reason to do more too.

So, we created our annual Toys for Tots Day, whereby every prize (of 30,000 tickets or less) won at the prize gallery/ticket redemption center would yield our donating an equivalent prize donation to Toys for Tots. So if a guest plays some arcade games and say, wins a pair of headphones, Scene75 would donate an additional pair of headphones to the campaign. Last year over 1500 prizes were donated on that one day to Toys for Tots from our two locations! Check our upcoming events calendar at your location to see which Sunday in December will be your Toys for Tots Day.

Toys for Tots Redemption Prize Matching

Dayton Children’s Hospital Events

Dayton Childrens Hospital Partnership

Scene75 is a proud supporter of our local Children’s Hospitals and is deeply involved with their causes throughout the year. Scene75 works to donate time, raise funds, and promote awareness. In October 2015, November 2015 & April 2016 Scene75 Dayton hosted extra special events with proceeds going directly to the Dayton Children’s Hospital.

The first event is our annual slime time event with the Real Ohio Ghostbusters. Guests were able to spray slime all over our managers for a donation to the hospital. The second event was such a success we wanted to do it again just a few months later! Star Wars Laser Tag & Star Wars Day had 15+ costumed characters playing laser tag with and against our guests. Both Star Wars events resulted in sold out laser tag games for most of the day. In total, Scene75 has raised over $2,000 for the Dayton Children’s Hospital and put smiles on children’s faces.

Cleats For Kids Partnership

Scene75 has partnered with Cleats For Kids to encourage kids to get out, be active, and play sports. The program empowers kids in need to live healthier lives while learning important life lessons through sports! Cleats For Kids collects, recycles and distributes new and gently used sporting equipment and athletic shoes to help kids in need in our own city. To get involved and help you can drop off your new or gently used sporting donations to the program at Scene75 Cincinnati (donation box is located in the lobby).

Ohio Cleats 4 Kids Fundraiser Event

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters is an amazing program where the organization matches caring adults with children in a mentoring type of relationship. These Big Brothers and Big Sisters act as positive influences and role models for their little brothers and sisters and help them on their path to success. However, anyone that’s done the program knows, to develop that strong relationship can be difficult at times. There’s a certain trust factor that needs to be overcome through shared experience to bond these brothers and sisters and that’s where Scene75 comes in. Once a month, Scene75 welcomes these big sibs and little sibs to have a day of fun, completely free of charge. It’s amazing to see how much a little laser tag or go karts can do to bond us all together.

Local Business Presentations

Entrepreneurship and business are part of what make America great, but no one said it was easy. It takes a good idea, hard work, luck, and a lot of help from the surrounding community. Here at Scene75, we certainly do not have everything figured out, but there are some things that we like to hang our caps on. When we get the opportunity, we love to share what’s made us successful to those aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders around us. Scene75 business leaders speak at a variety of business and educational events like Rotary meetings, Chamber of Commerce events, University guest lectures and more! Always, free of charge for the local community.


Like many other businesses Scene75 receives donation requests daily! As a result, Scene75 is proud to say that we donated thousands of dollars in Scene75 Cards to the hundreds of individuals & organizations requesting donations. If you are an educational, a governmental, or non-profit agency, seeking a charitable donation the first step is to download and fill out the form on our charitable request page and then to return it to our facility in person, by mail, or via email.

If you are looking for another easy way to earn money for your cause or organization you can check out our fundraiser options!

Additional Scene75 Cares Programs