Scene75 Entertainment Centers

About Scene75

Scene75 Entertainment began as a dream several years ago with what the Sandler family first deemed as less than a 1% chance of coming to fruition. The learning curve was steep, money was scarce, zoning required modification, the team was tiny and scattered, and the hurdles became more challenging with each passing day. Yet the team’s passion never dwindled, and in 2012, this dream became reality. Jonah Sandler, Chief Entertainment Officer, moved from Chicago to his hometown of Dayton/Cincinnati in 2009 to help his father create the model for Scene75.

Jonah left the world of management consulting and investment banking to take a giant leap of faith in pursuing a passion for the community, the entertainment industry, his family, education, entrepreneurship, and for developing something of great importance to the region.  He began his career in family entertainment by personally designing Putters Par-adise, an outdoor miniature golf course that was voted the best of six courses in Dayton in each year of its existence under his ownership.  At the same time, he worked on the Chaos Room, a predecessor to today’s e-sports gaming concepts as the first interactive gaming theater in the country.  But shortly after these facilities opened, Jonah began traveling the country to attend industry seminars, visit with manufacturers, and speak to operators; on his journey, he visited one entertainment center after another, taking with him ideas, inspirations, and most importantly, contacts.

 With a collection of ideas yet a scarcity of resources, Jonah began to share his vision with others in hope of attracting both operating and financial partners. The journey was challenging but with the help of lifelong friends, devoted family members, passionate strangers, and a unique business plan,the dream ultimately became a reality in 2012. All in all, it goes without saying how one of our favorite Scene75 sayings was born – it takes a community to build Scene75… and it takes another community to support it. We simply cannot succeed without your continued support.

Scene75 expanded to a second location in 2015 in Cincinnati, Ohio, a third in Cleveland, Ohio in 2017, and a fourth in Columbus, Ohio in 2019.  Scene75 Columbus, is largest indoor entertainment center in the country and incorporates more than 10 years of industry learnings!

We hope you will support Scene75 Entertainment to the fullest extent possible as our goal is nothing shy of making this brand the absolute best entertainment name in the industry.  But we need your help to do so.  We welcome feedback and suggestions, and we deeply value each visit you spend with us. We genuinely look forward to sharing our passion with you when you visit us at Scene75!