Fun For All!

Isn't Scene75 a Kids Place?

We hear this question every now and then from people who have never visited one of our locations.  Isn’t Scene75 Entertainment a kids’ place?

Well, the answer is yes…and an emphatic NO! 

While we do have arcade games, redemption ticket prizes, and incredible attractions that all kids love, we are far from being just a kids’ place!  In fact, we like to think that Scene75 is actually designed for the adults as much as it is for the kids!  That must be why Scene75 is one of the most popular places in town for company parties, holiday banquets, bachelor and bachelorette parties, gatherings with friends, girls’ nights out, and date nights!  We truly offer fun for everyone.

Let’s start with the design of Scene75.  The color pattern of each of our venues is age neutral.  Our party rooms are elegant and classy, which makes a birthday guest of honor feel welcome, regardless of whether celebrating a 5th birthday or a 50th birthday.  The layout of each location is open and inviting so that parents and grandparents have plenty of room to roam or relax, without feeling like they are trapped in a kid zone.  Each facility is meticulously cleaned; we scrub and scrub and in addition to our daytime cleaning staff, we have nightly third-party cleaning crews to help us further sanitize and disinfect.  And well, we would be remiss if we did not mention that each location features a centrally located bar where those 21+ can enjoy an adult beverage!  Drinks, food, games, and fun – sounds like a good time, doesn’t it?

And then let’s discuss the arcade at Scene75.  First, you will notice that our games are not crammed into a little section of our facility.  They are spread out everywhere!  This allows for much more room, flexibility and comfort for our guests.  Second, the arcade game selection is crème de la crème.  We search for the absolute best games that our guests, young and slightly more seasoned, will enjoy.  We sometimes even serve as a test site for new arcade game prototypes!  You may just find a game here that you won’t find anywhere else!  Third, who doesn’t love a good game of Skee-ball?  Many of our games are just as fun for adults as they are for kids.  We have timeless classic games as well as the most modern, next-generation video games.  With 150 to 250 arcade games per location, we have something for everyone to enjoy!  And fourth, our prize galleries are unlike any you have seen.  With arcade prizes ranging from autograph sports memorabilia to designer purses to high-end electronics, you will be in awe and want to play our games when you see what you can win!  As a parent or grandparent, you will want to play right alongside your family, whereas at other venues you may just want to spectate.  At Scene75, the whole family can enjoy the experience.

As big as our arcades are, they are only one part of the Scene75 experience.  While we do have one or two attractions that are designed exclusively for the kids, such as our bouncing inflatables, attractions that suit all ages are far more plentiful!  Our blacklight miniature golf courses, our indoor go-karts, our bumper cars, and our two-story laser tag arenas are fun regardless of age.   Each of these attractions are very popular for company parties – what could be more fun than blasting your co-workers with laser beams in our laser tag arenas? And depending on which Scene75 location you visit, our indoor drop tower and indoor roller coaster are as popular with adults as they are with the kids.  In fact, sometimes adults are the ones who scream the loudest on our rides and tend to have the biggest smiles after the ride!

Lastly, let’s not forget the food and drinks here at Scene75.  Yes, we have all of the kid favorites like pizza, chicken tenders, soft pretzels, and chocolate chip cookies.  But we also have some of the best gourmet burgers and Philly cheesesteaks to appease the adult appetite.  And for drinks?  Well, where do we even begin!  Kids love the traditional ICEE or Coke product.  But for the adults who wish to diverge from the ICEE or Coke product we have even more fun offerings!  We have frozen cocktails, beers on tap (sometimes as many as 24 beers on tap), and really fun, colorful, signature hard-drinks.  And with the ability to lounge in comfort or carry your drink around the gamefloor, adults never have to miss the action!  If you are planning a company event or team building gathering, we cater to our private banquet rooms and can even set-up a private bar exclusively for your group.

By now you can see why the answer to whether Scene75 is a kids’ place is both yes and no!  Scene75 is truly designed for all ages.  A child will enter and feel that the venue is for him or her.  But an adult will feel exactly the same!  And that right there is part of the magic of Scene75.  Fun for all and only one of the many reasons we stand by our trademarked tagline, Why Play Anywhere Else?  If you have yet to visit because you feel you are too old to enjoy, nonsense!  Come and see for yourself why Scene75 is such a unique entertainment center, aptly awarded the Top Family Entertainment Center in the World by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) not once but twice!  Remember, you are only as old as you feel.  So feel a little younger and come play some games!  You will be glad that you did!