The Holiday Season Is Here!

While typically a gratifying time of the year, this can also prove to be one of the more stressful seasons. After all, this can only be expected when a single day’s activities can consist of running from store to store, buying and wrapping presents, cleaning the house for visiting in-laws, cooking meals for family members, and ensuring dress clothes actually fit for the annual family photo. With all of this hustle, it can be difficult to remember to enjoy the finer moments we share together.

At Scene75, we invite you to unwind with us this holiday season. Let us help entertain the relatives, and let us help everyone in the group relax just a little bit more.  To help accommodate your needs, we have extended our hours of operation.  Let’s find a way to celebrate just a little bit more this year.

The holiday season continues through the next week with extended operating hours.  While normally closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, Scene75 will be open on Monday and Tuesday, the 27th and 28th, in addition to our weekday and weekend hours.

Let’s all have a fantastic holiday season, shall we?  We all could use that holiday magic!