DIY Garden Ideas


Yes, the weather is awesome right now, but still can’t wait to leave the house? Well we have the perfect list of activities to get you out of the house, while staying at your home. These are 10 fun and unique gardening ideas that are sure to impress your neighbors and get your creative juices flowing.


This Tipsy Turvy design is sure to catch eyes as people drive by your gorgeous house looking at the gravity defying design. This can be done with any sized pots and flowers that your heart desires! Adding an extra step you can paint the pot in fun colors to make it even more of a statement or match your house colors!

Click this link for an easy way to Make your own Tipsy Turvy Flower Planter at home!



Have an extra or old tire at home you don’t use? Well we have the perfect DIY to make use of that used tire! This gorgeous flower pot is one that will have many people talking, not only about the flowers, but your DIY talents! All that is needed for this one is twine, rope, or ribbon, flowers of your choice, wood, and of course the TIRE! It could be fine to find different colored yarn or string to add a little extra spunk to the outside of the tire pot or even match the flowers that you are planting!

Click this link to learn How to Make Your DIY Tire Plater!



This gardening idea is perfect for a spot with minimal space. Rather than gardening horizontal on a lot of land, this allows you to garden up in a small amount of space. This ladder planter is guaranteed to hold up to the weather as it is made of cedar and is very simple to make! The couple hours spent on this project is sure to pay off when you see the finished project! Your friends will surely be wanting you to build one for them too!

Here’s how you can Make Your Own Tiered Ladder Planter



Upcycling is something that anyone can do and is guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours! Not only will it entertain you it will help make the world a better place. Upcycling is becoming a staple in modern art and can be a staple in your yard! Not only is this visually appealing but is a great way to recycle your old wheelbarrows for the perfect yard decorations! This trend is sure to impress and put a smile on your face when you see the final product!

For inspiration Click this link to Make Your Own Wagon Wheel Planter!



Be ready to get your hands a little dirty with this DIY hanging planter for inside or outside of your home! This simple design fits right in with any other decorations and can be painted to match any other decor you have. This is a beautiful display for your potted plants and does not take up much room and uses little supplies. For succulents or flowers this will definitely make a statement at your house!

Check out this site for some ideas on DIY Plant Hangers!



Save a trip to the busy grocery stores during these crazy times with this cute herb garden made from just a pallet! This cute DIY organizes your herbs and is an awesome outdoor decoration for any home. Not only can you see your progress, you can reap the benefits after they have all grown and are put in your favorite dishes. All that is needed is a pallet, some pots and your favorite herbs; and a green thumb! Just be sure to label properly to make sure they do not get mixed up!

Check out this blog for the inspiration and instructions to Make Your Own Plant Herb Garden!



With the rainy season coming to an end and the bright sun coming out, we are sure you have a few unused rain boots that will be perfect for this cute backyard decoration. Boots of any size and color will be perfect and will make your rain boot garden unique and eye catching. This project is easy, fun and can make any space feel brand new! This could also be a fun one to show the growth of your little one as they grow out of their old rain boots, add them to the rain boot garden!

Check it out! DIY Rain Boot Garden!



Fairies are real! No matter what anyone says and you can have the perfect little spot for them ready when they come to visit!. This DIY is perfect to make even Tinker Bell jealous! These decorations will add a little childlike play and imagination to your garden and will definitely put a smile on your little one’s face. This fun and functional decoration is a win/win for anyone that decides to partake in this craft!

Follow these steps on How To Make Your Very Own Fairy House Planter!



Of course every gardener needs the perfect place to store their tools that gives them easy access and does not take up much space! This pallet tool storage can even be used for more than just gardening tools but is perfect to see all the tools you have, as well as easy access to them! This DIY could also be used for regular tools, car parts, or anything else you need to store and keep off the floor in an organized way!

Click the link if you want to Make Your Own Garden Tool Storage!



Last but not least, every gardener needs the perfect work space to make such cute decorations. Well we have found the perfect DIY to ensure you have your own space to get the job done! Just a few pallets, nails and chains and you are set with your own personal gardening table. So avoid the pain of getting up and down and work in one area on these gorgeous summer days. Not only is it the perfect work space, if you make a mess, simply brush it off the table and move on!

Here’s how you can Make Your Own Gardening Table!


We miss seeing all of you at Scene75 but, we hope everyone is staying safe and that these DIY Garden Ideas will inspire you to get outside and start crafting and planting! Make sure to check back next Friday for even more fun, at home, activities! Hope to see you all soon!