DIY Games


We’re still finding more fun and creative ideas to keep you all busy at home while we’re still social distancing! How about some classic games, but all DIY? Not only can it be a fun crafting project, but then you get to utilize it afterwards time and time again! We hope you have fun with what we pulled together!


Connect 4 and Tic Tac Toe are classic games that every kid first learns how to play. How awesome would it be to have a HUGE version of it? These games are PERFECT for your backyard party this summer and are sure to keep everyone entertained! With just paper plates, a tarp or tablecloth, and some tape the average games will be turned enormous for a little added fun!

Click this link for an easy way to Make your giant Connect 4 / Tic Tac Toe game from home!



Ready, Set, GO! The timer has started on your mysterious adventure of these awesome escape rooms in your very own home! This can be the perfect way to practice reading and problem solving skills with your little one! Not only will it be fun for them but also a lot of fun for you to see just how excited they get with every step they figure out on their own and of course, at the end and awesome prize for their hard work!

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Pool noodle ring toss is a great way to not only get the kiddos out of the house but also reuse some older pool noodles! To make it even more fun you can pick tasks out of a hat to do before throwing the ring. For example you can spin around 5 times and then throw or take 3 big steps back and then throw. This activity is one for parties and is sure to entertain everyone attending!

Here’s how you can Make Your Own Pool Noodle Ring Toss At Home!



Each round of bowling can be something new with this easy DIY tin can bowling game. For a little extra fun you can find some glow in the dark paint and have a blast under the stars at night! Using pool noodles for bumpers and having “themed” frames every game can make it even more interesting! Try “granny” style or bowling while you are sitting down! Whoever gets the highest score wins!

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Everyone has played the memory game with a deck of cards, we have one upped that game with a Giant Memory game with pictures of your choice! This can be a great way to practice colors, by paining the plates with different colors and having them match the correct ones!

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Water balloons are always the way to go on a hot summer day, but without something to do with them they will throw them at other kids. This DIY is the perfect to get their attention on earning points rather than nailing the kid next to them! They get points for each hole they score in and the winner can always get an awesome prize of your choosing! This is a great way to burn off energy and get them outside!

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Pick a day that’s not windy for this one! This awesome DIY frisbee golf game is a good test of hand eye coordination and can have many different rounds. Try a round with one eye open and one closed or standing on one leg while throwing your frisbee. You can also try a round to see who gets the closest without going in. While this will be a fun game for your little ones, try not to get too competitive.

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Time to scavenge your garage for those tennis balls and wiffle balls that you have laying around for this DIY laundry basket skee ball. Switch up the score points a bit by adding a little razzle dazzle and play for rewards. Instead of 50 points when they make the basket, maybe they get to pick out one extra dessert or get an extra 10 minutes of bath time! This is a sure way to entertain them for a little during this quarantine and is guaranteed to put a smile on their face!

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We hope everyone is staying safe and that these DIY games will help keep you and your little ones entertained! Make sure to come back next Friday for even more fun, at home, activities!