5 Facts About Food Truck Alley

5 Facts About Food Truck Alley at Scene75 Entertainment Center in Cleveland

Scene75 Entertainment is an Ohio based brand of entertainment centers with three current locations (Dayton, Cincinnati, and Cleveland) and two additional venues scheduled to open in the next few months (Columbus and Pittsburgh). Scene75 features a multitude of games and attractions and is meant for guests of all ages. All Scene75 locations have different nuances that makes each one a bit unique from another, but Scene75 Cleveland is so unique you truly have to visit it – it really should be included for any visit to Cleveland or when we Clevelanders are looking for something fun to do in the region. Scene75 Cleveland is home to a one of a kind restaurant known as Food Truck Alley; here are five reasons why you need to visit and eat at Scene75 in Cleveland:

  1. First Indoor Food Truck

Scene75 Cleveland holds the countries first ever indoor food truck court. When asking the CEO of Scene75 why he chose Food Truck Alley as a concept for Cleveland, he said, “In creating the first Food Truck Alley, our intent was to create a fun, lively venue that served a variety of exceptional food through quick, friendly service.  Food trucks can be fun.  Scene75 is incredibly fun.  So why not merge the two to double the fun?  As we continue to grow, we as a brand will continue to reflect upon, tweak and improve our food and beverage offerings to ensure we always provide our guests with the quality and service they expect from Scene75.”  Don’t be fooled by the look of the trucks – these aren’t rolling away anytime soon.  Though each truck was physically built from an actual truck that was cut in half, these trucks are permanent fixtures within Scene75 Cleveland.


  1. A multitude of cuisines

Scene75 Cleveland’s four food trucks all have different varieties of cuisines you can choose from. The trucks offer tastes like Italian, Mexican and American. It also features a sweets truck with all your favorite desserts and snacks.  What does this mean for you?  It means everyone in your group or family will find food they love!  No need to choose only one type of cuisine; order from each truck to get a true taste of the world’s cuisines.  With so many great options, eating at Scene75 Entertainment in Cleveland is easy and appeases all.


  1. Meals made to order

Scene75’s food truck workers are very kind and understanding, but perhaps even more important than the service they provide, they produce food made to order.  The food is freshly prepared to your order; this is great for those who are a bit more particular about their food selections or who may have food allergies.  The food trucks aim to please and boy do they deliver!  Whether you are in the mood for pizza, burgers, or tacos, Scene75’s Food Truck Alley is ready to please.


  1. Fast, yet freshly made

When you are with your family or a group, the last thing you want to do is sit at a table and wait for hours for your food to come out of a kitchen.  At Food Truck Alley, the trucks are dedicated to preparing food not only freshly but also quickly.  This is great as it allows your group to get back to the real action – the 150 games and 10+ attractions – in a hurry.  The products used in Food Truck Alley feature real ingredients that don’t sacrifice quality in the name of speed.  Come hungry!


  1. Unbeatable Prices

Let’s face it, we are all on a budget of some sort.  And that’s the best part of Food Truck Alley.  All of Scene75’s food trucks were designed with a menu that allows for affordable pricing, ensuring all guests can enjoy the unique, quality food offered.  Additionally, each truck offers unique meal deals and specials that allow patrons to try new items at an affordable cost.  You may not find steaks on the menu at Food Truck Alley, but when your group is eager to return to the action of the game floor, a great sandwich or pizza is all they really desire.  And on that note, Scene75 delivers with excellence!

Written by Madison Fioritto, Blogger