Top 5 Laser Tag Arenas in Cleveland

Top 5 Laser Tag ARENAS in Cleveland

Get your phasers ready for the best laser tag of your life right here in the Cleveland
area! There are many laser tag arenas in Cleveland, from older classics to the newest locations,
each featuring a unique theme and experience. Laser tag is a great attraction for all ages and
elicits friendly competition. Each arena in the greater Cleveland area brings its own energy and
opportunity for a day or night full of fun; however, I have assembled my list of what I believe to
be the five best laser tag arenas in Cleveland…

5.) Fun ‘n’ Stuff: Macedonia, Ohio
Are you team Alien or team Zombie? At Fun ‘n’ Stuff pick your side in a quest to conquer
the galaxy. Located in Macedonia, Fun ‘n’ Stuff brings the fun with a different laser tag
experience. It has a variety of attractions and pricing rather than just a one game admission
ticket. There are attraction and party packages as well, in addition to outdoor options when
Cleveland weather cooperates. Laser tag costs $7 per game or can be purchased as part of a
wristband option. There are no age restrictions for laser tag but it is recommended for those
ages 6 and up. The arena itself is family friendly and quite large; the arena was newly
remodeled and covers a 6,000 square foot space! If ready to compete, grab your friends and
family and conquer the galaxy for a night of fun!
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4.) Make Believe Family Fun Center: Parma, Ohio

Are you looking for an intimate customizable game of laser tag? Make Believe Family
Fun Center provides an enchanting and personalized laser tag experience for up to 24 players.
The two story arena immerses you into your own Enchanted Forest themed fantasy world. It
provides a magical experience that can change every time you play, while featuring 22 different
laser tag scenarios – play good vs evil, practice your technique, or win as the last man standing.
Each scenario strengthens different skills and helps each individual get their own reward from
their quest. Their vests are comfortable and the high tech equipment allows choice in how you
tag other players. Your progress can be followed inside and outside of the arena. This arena
really plays to a creative side with its theme and options. With an experience coordinator to
guide your quest, the Enchanted Forest laser tag is fun for everyone!
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3.) Arena 51: Middleburg Heights, OH

Are you tired of the same laser tag arena? Well at Arena 51, the arena itself is an ever
changing maze. The experience is customizable as you play as your own avatar. Up to 45 people
can battle in the arena for a memorable experience. Arena 51 is truly a game changer as it
works through a live action FPS video game. It combines the elements of virtual reality with
laser tag to create something entirely new. The arena changes based on the number of players
and how the players are doing in the game – possibilities are truly endless in this arena. Players
are even equipped with laser bursts, shields and photons rather than the typical phaser and
vest. Though the arena is huge, the owners went above and beyond with cameras and safety
features. Parents can even watch from the various screens and feel like part of the game.
Arena 51 laser tag offers all day passes and special overnight games as well. They also have
special summer specials.
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2.) Lazer Xtreme: Middleburg Heights, OH
Are you ready for an active high tech laser tag experience? Lazer Xtreme is the classic
laser tag experience. The arena is extremely large and can hold over 60 players. As soon as you
enter the arena, you will notice the thematic atmosphere and feel as though you have jumped
through time; the doors open out of the scenery and the energy kicks in from the start. Once
you select your customizable code name, you watch a quick video to learn the rules of the
game. It is highly competitive here and all day passes allow full days or nights of fun. Laser
Xtreme also offers reservations as well as party slots if you want to beat the crowd in
anticipation of your upcoming visit. The game lasts 30 minutes, which is long for a laser tag
game, so players have a lot of time to get used to the arena and become a part of the game!
There are a lot of places in the arena to explore and the bases are well hidden. The game is a lot
of fun and the time goes pretty quickly. After all, the owners of Laser Xtreme operate twelve
locations across the country (most with different names) so they must be doing something that
players enjoy!
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1.) Scene75 Entertainment Center: Brunswick, Ohio

Scene75 Entertainment Center gets the high score because not only does it have one of
the best themes of any arena I have visited, but also it backs up its playability with great
customer service that truly sets a standard. At Scene75, players interact with more than a
game marshal and desk attendant; managers and team members, who circulate the arcade
floor, truly seemed to care about the experience of its guests. At Scene75, the laser tag brief is
delivered in-person, which is a personal touch that is both entertaining and informational. The
arena theme features a Gotham like feel that was hand painted by an international artist. It
features a briefing room and a separate vesting room, allowing for a great guest experience.
Scene75 proved to be very family friendly and truly appeals to all ages, from child to adult. The
laser tag arena itself is two stories and allows for 42 people to compete at one time – making it
one of the larger laser tag arenas in Cleveland. If your desire is to have a laser tag birthday
party or special event, Scene75 is also able to accommodate in advance through its party office.
With Scene75 being only one year old, the laser tag area feels brand new and the equipment is
state of the art. If you are trying to decide where to play a game of laser tag, Scene75 is bound
to deliver a great time for all players involved!
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Though I ranked the top 5 laser tag arenas in Cleveland, each provides a great laser tag
experience. Each venue features its own unique elements to allow for variation in style and
gameplay. Each website provides detailed pricing and other attractions to look explore. Even if
you have never played laser tag, there are coordinators, marshals or staff at each location to
help you learn the game and make the experience worthwhile. Grab your friends, family, or a
partner and bring your ‘A’ game to one of these 5 arenas for a fantastic laser tag experience!

Written by Lexi Polykarpov, Blogger