The 4 Best Bowling Alleys in Cincinnati

The Four Best Bowling Alleys in Cincinnati

Cincinnati has always been an exciting city in Ohio, but as a longtime resident, what is it that I find so great about it? Many city rankings may point to our food scene, our sports scene, our relatively low cost of living, or our nature park system.  But if you are a bowler like I am, I am proud to call Cincinnati home for a different reason: it is home to four of the best bowling alleys in Ohio.

Best Bowling Alley in Cincinnati – The PinDeck at Scene75 Entertainment Center

In November of 2017, Scene75’s Cincinnati location added onto its 80,000 square foot entertainment center with a 20,000 square foot addition featuring a 12 lane, state-of-the-art, bowling center.  The boutique bowling alley, The PinDeck, is by far the best bowling alley in Cincinnati; it provides us with not just a great place to bowl but the décor, ambience, and drink menu make it one of my favorite date night ideas.  Digging a little deeper, why is The PinDeck the best bowling alley in Cincinnati? Not only does The PinDeck have a delicious, wide ranging menu featuring wings, pizzas, and the best chicken tenders in town, but also it offers a full service bar with multiple local craft beers and unique cocktails served by a knowledgeable staff.  Located in Milford, the PinDeck is my go-to place to bowl.

Runner Up Best Bowling Alley in Cincinnati – Stone Lanes 

Stone Lanes has a great atmosphere, decent food and a friendly staff, while also offering karaoke nights. Don’t forget about their NFL Sundays with direct ticket and special beer deals as well. Stone Lanes is located on Montgomery Road in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Third Best Bowling Alley in Cincinnati – Madison Bowl

Coming in a close tie with Stone Lanes is Madison Bowl, which makes it a Top 3 on the list of best bowling alleys in Cincinnati.  Located on Madison Road in Cincinnati, Ohio, Madison Bowl is one of the best bowling alleys in Cincinnati because it provides a very quiet and relaxed atmosphere that not only serves a tasty menu but also a top notch breakfast!

Fourth Best Bowling Alley in Cincinnati – Western Bowl

Rounding out the list of the top 4 bowling alleys in Cincinnati is Western Bowl.  Do you like to socialize? If so, I definitely recommend Western Bowl, located on Glenway Avenue. Western Bowl is almost always busy and offers great tournaments to be a part of, as well as leagues!



While all four options are FANTASTIC, The PinDeck takes the crown as the best bowling alley in Cincinnati.  With its extremely impressive, clean atmosphere, The PinDeck delivers on Scene75 CEO’s vision, “Bowling is the ultimate game to bring everyone together.  The PinDeck, however, is not your grandfather’s alley with dingy lighting, smelly carpet, and 70s decor. The PinDeck is bowling of the 21st century, and I think anyone who wants to socialize and have a good time during their night out will really love this place.”