DARN Night

This Wednesday, October 8th, from 7pm- 9pm Scene75 would like to welcome Dayton Aspergers Resource Network (DARN) for their fun night. DARN was formed May 5th, 1999 by Laura K. and Audrey S. DARN was formed to provide a supportive, positive, understanding, and empathic atmosphere in which an exchange of ideas, concerns, methods, and resources can occur between parents, family, friends, educators of differently-abled individuals who have the high functioning end of the autism spectrum (ie. Asperger Syndrome (AS), High Functioning Autism (HFA), Pervasive Developmental Disorder – Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS). DARN now functions as a local support group for individuals of all ages as well as their family and friends who are coping with AS, HFA, PDD-NOS.

Scene75 is a safe and fun environment for children and adults with Special Needs to visit while working on developmental skills. Our chaos room is a great place to work on motor skills and body control, while our arcade games are interactive and exciting. Even using our gaming cards are educational and assist with teaching children and adults about using money and our point system helps with number associations and some math skills. Welcome DARN to Scene75, enjoy your time with us!

If you or someone you know has Aspergers and have questions or concerns contact Dayton Aspergers Resource Network on Facebook. Contact Chris McDonagh if you would like to schedule an outing for your group by email: cmcdonagh@scene75.com.