Employee Blog Post - The Chaos Room

The Chaos Room is easily one of my favorite attractions that Scene75 has to offer. All are welcome; there is no height restriction or age requirement to play. Who can complain when they have 15-foot HD screens and surround sound speakers placing them right in the game?

You have the power to become anyone you want to be. Just say the word, and I can make you an assassin, a warrior, a soldier, and even a racecar driver. I have witnessed a grandmother jump from the top rope at WrestleMania landing with a flying elbow on her grandson (WWE 2K15). Plus I witnessed a 10-year-old girl lead the masses with an all out rock concert in front of 5,000 “people”. I’ve even seen two little boys build a kingdom from scratch that no architect on the planet could match. So if you ever want to know what it is like to be a professional golfer, soccer player, or NBA star stop down here at Scene75’s Chaos Room. It is definitely worth the price!

– Harrison

Scene75 Employee

Started May 2013