Employee Blog Post - Working At Scene75

Why I love my Job

I feel like there are few people who say, “ I love my job”, and mean it. I am one of these people for many reasons. We should start from the beginning of my time here. I used to be a really shy kid and was always worried about what people thought or of “being too weird”. I quickly realized that it didn’t matter who I was, because I work with very open and friendly people. Scene75 really helped me to come out of my shell. Plus, the people I work with are more than just co-workers they are my friends… Actually, they are even more than my friends; everyone here is like a second family to me. I have never felt more accepted and appreciated than since I started working at Scene75.

I also have fun at my job and get to be a part of the most exciting and fun events I’ve ever been a part of (parades, Halloween, etc.) Also I love bringing joy and fun into others lives. At the Scene I get to make 1000’s of people’s days better by the day. I’m happy as long as I can make one person smile or happy, no matter what kind of day they or myself have had. Working at Scene75 has made me feel like I’m making a positive difference in the lives of many from the Dayton area and beyond. To me, personally, there is no better feeling.




Scene75 Employee

Started July 2012