Employee Arcade Game Reviews

We asked a few of our employees to tell us about their favorite arcade games at Scene75 and the responses they gave were outstanding! The personal reviews about some of their favorite arcade games were so entertaining that we ended up turned them into blog posts. We would love to share with you an arcade game review by Scene75 Team members Andrew, Emily, Joe, & Jordan. Take a minute to read them and be sure to challenge them to their favorite game here at Scene75 next time you come in!

Down The Clown Bonus:

By: Andrew

My favorite game at Scene75 is Down The Clown Bonus, which is a classic in my opinion. This game is my favorite because of the way I am able to hit nearly every clown before the time ends. With every ball thrown a sense of invigoration and satisfaction flows through my body as I poise myself to take down the next clown. Not only are the clowns threatening in appearance, they are deceiving in size. When you miss a clown by just hitting the outlining fur, you only then realize their true size. Even after you take down all of the clowns, they stand right back up, ready for another battle.

If you cannot manage to efficiently hit the clowns before the time limit ends, you may always find somebody to help you conquer the challenge with you. This is a consistently challenging game and an individual may only get better with practice. With practice comes skill, and with skill; mastery. This is not a game of chance and the only reason to fail is you. Gravity, pegs, rotating discs, or any other sort of complicated mechanism cannot mess up your outcome as they’re not a part of this game, unlike some other arcade games you may find.


Dirty Drivin’

By: Emily

Though arcade games haven’t always been a hobby of mine, I have always enjoyed the classics like Pac-Man & air hockey. Those two games plus the ever-frustrating claw games have been the only ones I was willing to play when I went somewhere with an arcade. This preference has changed ever since I started working at Scene75 Entertainment Center. (Emily is an original team member who has been with us since day 1!)

Well into my first few months of working here several of the managers and employees told me that Dirty Drivin’ was the best racing game that we had to offer, and I say that I agree. Dirty Drivin’ is now the first game I go to anytime my family and I come in, and we usually spend quite a bit of time and money there.

It all starts with choosing your car, and boy, are the choices entertaining. “Patriot” is the car my brother usually chooses because it is all things ‘Murica! But, I usually opt for “Riptide”, a pink VW Bug that looks harmless just like me. The cars on Dirty Drivin’ tend to defy the laws of physics… In the game I have driven on only three wheels, rolled over, crashed into things, and smashed other cars, all without even getting scratched, much less bursting into flames. However, the cars aren’t even the most fun part of Dirty Drivin’.

Being able to race against each other is a blast, but the part that makes it the best for me is the added bonus of sabotage. While you are racing you can run into what my family has dubbed “goodies” or “presents”, which then you use to cause problems for fellow players or give yourself a boost in the race. My favorite goodie has to be the tiny truck, which makes your car really small, fast, and hard to run into. I love how ridiculous it looks for my tiny “riptide” to be driving next to the full sized cars as I zoom by for the win!

So to anyone reading this, I highly recommend Dirty Drivin’, because even though some of the other games are fantastic, it will keep you entertained time and time again.


Flappy Tickets

By: Joe

Whenever I’m given the chance to play arcade games at Scene75, I always put a few good rounds into Flappy Tickets. When I first started working at Scene75, Flappy Tickets was the game that really grabbed my attention. It seemed like such a great game to accumulate arcade points with. Not only that, but Flappy Birds (the game that Flappy Tickets is based off of) always seemed like a fun game to play. With my mind made and my body ready, I set off to be the best I could at Flappy Tickets.

I determined that my best bet for increasing my skill at the game would be to download a similar game on my phone and practice on that. I unknowingly downloaded a game much more difficult than Flappy Tickets; which suited my purpose quite nicely. I then went about my days playing the Flappy Bird knock-off on my phone, honing my skills and heightening my senses. Before long, I was ready for Flappy Tickets. The money I used was left over from the last time I had visited the Scene. My reflexes were apt and my timing was precise, but Flappy Tickets proved to be a formidable opponent.

Over the coming months I would be given the opportunity to challenge Flappy Tickets again through the assistance of my omnipotent managers and my savvy friend, Zach. My score has yet to reach the triple digits but I am nothing if not persistent. I will continue to swipe my card in that machine until the highest of scores belongs to yours truly.


Dance, Dance, Revolution

By: Jordan

Hello, my name is Jordan and I was just hoping to tell you about my favorite arcade game at Scene75. My favorite game at Scene75 would have to be Dance, Dance, Revolution. This game is just insanely fun and you get a nice workout while you play. This game allows the player to choose from a wide variety of the most popular songs to dance to. Not only is dancing one of the most fun things on earth, in this game you can also compete against a friend or family member to see who has the slickest moves.

If you have not yet tried this game, stop wasting your time and go get your groove on. And if you really believe you can boogie, come challenge me. Maybe one day you will ascend as a DDR god like I have. Well… To be 100% honest, I am actually very bad at the game. But, I still love to play. I have hope in my heart that one day I truly will have moves like Jagger.