Dino Safari - A Prehistoric adventure!

What would you do if you came face to face with a giant T-Rex who wasn’t very happy?

Dino Safari Now Playing at Scene75

Take a journey with Scene75 on our 4D XRider to experience meeting prehistoric creatures — and risk escaping the teeth of these beasts. Dino Safari takes you to a fortress to be compared to Jurassic Park, where dinosaurs and people share the environment. But something has happened, and the dinosaurs have turned. Venture with your friends to get out of base camp as soon as possible! Pterodactyls, brontosaurus’, and velociraptors, OH MY! This film is the hottest in Simuline Films, and one that will leave you needing to catching your breath at the end!

XRider is a 4D motion theater, where you and up to three friends can enjoy a 4-5 minute long 3D film (don’t worry, we have the glasses for you) while you’re being moved up, down, and side to side. This is the roller coaster experience without paying amusement park prices. Not only are we going to bring the dinosaurs inches from your face, shake your group up, but we’re going to add wind, snow, and bubbles just to boost the experience!

Here at Scene75 we do have some guidelines to help you have the best 4D XRider experience possible, so keep these rules in mind.

  • Each ride is $5.00 per person, per movie.
  • Guests ┬ámust be at least 47″ tall to participate
  • If you experience heart, back, or neck problems, this ride may be a bit intense.
  • Women who are pregnant are not recommended to ride this attraction.
  • Please see a Scene75 Team Member for more questions or concerns
  • Also, no feeding the dinosaurs on Dino Safari, they’re on a strict diet!

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