Arcade Games Just Keep Rolling In!

Arcade Games Are Our Favorite!

That’s right! And we’ve added more to our collection of over 130 different arcade games! We offer a range of action, racing, redemption, and classic arcade games, and we’re bringing you a great addition to our Carnival Themed Games!

“Fishbowl Frenzy”, created by Team Play, is a 2014 IAAPA Brass Ring winner for “Best New Product”. That is a huge accomplishment and we congratulate the group at Team Play for this awesome product. We’re also backing up their award because this game is amazing! If you’ve played some games here, we consider this a cross between our Spaceballs and Black Out games.

Some cool statistics about “Fishbowl Frenzy” include:


  • 65 inch HD Tranmissive screen
  • Carnival theme with 3D fish and great graphics
  • It’s the first Augmented Reality Arcade Game (Don’t worry, we googled it too!)
  • Easy, one button game play, great for small kids
  • USA made (Designed and built in the US)
  • Tickets can range from 5 to a jackpot of 250 tickets!
  • Multi-Ball special game play




“Fishbowl Frenzy” fits right in with our other Carnival Themed arcade games including “Down the  Clown” and   “Milk Jug Toss”. These games are bright, flashy, and dare we say, HIGHLY  ADDICTING! When you play  “Fishbowl Frenzy”, you’ll swipe your Scene75 game card (game play is  only .50 cents!) and you’ll see the ball  crane at the top move from side to side. You do have to be a  bit quick, you only have 20 seconds to drop the ball  in a sweet spot. Watch as the ball bounces from  peg to peg, who knows where it will go?! There are four levels  of fish bowls that your ball could land i  in earning you anywhere from 10 to 250 points. Land a ball in the fishbowl,  you won’t win a real  goldfish, but you’ll get an explosion of fireworks and tickets on the 65 inch LCD screen. If  your ball  misses a fishbowl that’s okay too! You’ll automatically win 5 tickets, and want to swipe again!

And there’s more…!

Football season may be over, but we’ve still got America’s favorite sport in arcade game style! “Goal Line Rush” by BANDAI NAMCO is now at Scene75 and it’s a touchdown in our books! Step right up and swipe your card (for a .75 cent game play) and get your rushing line to push a football into the end zone! Each football is worth a different ticket value, but notice the gold footballs! 1 gold football is worth 100 tickets but the Super Gold Football is for the Superbowl of Jackpots! Get your team together and bring them over to cheer you on to victory while playing the “Goal Line Rush” arcade game at Scene75!

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