CEO Jonah Sandler's New Book "Before The Doors Opened" Available Now!

How One Entrepreneur Captured the Hearts of a Community and the Attention of Facebook
Before The Doors Opened
Written by Jonah D. Sandler, CFA, founder and CEO of Scene75 Entertainment Center

This book explains the creation of Scene75 and how Facebook marketing helped Scene75 grow from an empty warehouse into a regional destination, as well as a Facebook company favorite—all before the business actually opened. But Before the Doors Opened is far more than a story about business and one entrepreneur’s successful use of social media. This book traces the heartfelt journey of a young entrepreneur who risked everything he had to create a values-led business, improve a community, help his family through financial hardship and give a task his utmost dedication through the sharing of his heart. Jonah provides great insights that would benefit any entrepreneur, particularly those in the pre-formative stages of a business’s development. However, his words ring true for all individuals in need of additional inspiration in life, regardless of their career insights.”

Autographed copies of the book will be available for purchase beginning April 30, 2014 exclusively at Scene75. 

Price is $14.95 (includes tax)