"Happiest Day of My Life When I went to Scene75 with My Dad"...

Two separate instances this week reminded me as to what Scene75 truly represents.  And I’m glad to have a blog to share these encounters with you.

The first instance was inspired by a school assignment.  I received a text from a dear friend’s mom, who happens to be a teacher in Cincinnati — yes, Cincinnati!  The text read as follows:

“Hi Jonah.  I just had to share this little tidbit with you before I forget.  Today in class I gave an assignment to draw your most favorite thing you did this summer, and I gave the criteria of what they had to put in the picture. There were wonderful pictures of trips, islands, vacations, roller coasters at Kings Island, cruises, fishing and beaches.  As I walked around I came upon one of my six year old students; he was working feverishly. In the middle of his picture he had, in big letters…CEEN75. I asked him, ‘What is that you are drawing?’  And he said ‘the happiest day of my life, when I went to Scene75 with my dad.’”

How sweet is that?!?  Though we are still very much at our beginning stages, this story affirms that we are at least somewhere along the path we intend to pave, a path I outlined in my first ‘Thoughts from the CEO’ blog post last December:

“So what is it that I want Scene75 to become? … I want Scene75 to mean something to you beyond just a massive building that provides what I believe to be exceptional entertainment.  I want Scene75 to be a facility that facilitates; a facility where you can meet new people, where you can catch up with old friends, where you can tell your grandkids years from now that this is where you took your wife or husband on a first date, and where you can share memorable, and I mean truly memorable, experiences with your entire family.”

The second instance occurred one afternoon while driving from Dayton to Cincinnati.  Nearly that entire hour drive I found myself behind an SUV with a Scene75 bumper sticker on the bottom left corner of the rear windshield.  Now this wasn’t one of those cars decked out with 50 bumper stickers (which would have been cool anyway to be included in the 50!), but rather it was a car with only one bumper sticker – that of Scene75.  Again, how sweet is that?!?  I wanted to honk, wave, and toss a Scene75 game card at the driver to thank her for her support, but alas, safety interfered with my desires and I let her ride into the sunset without knowing that she made my day.  In truth, being unable to share my happiness with her made me sad; but my spirits were later uplifted in reflecting how this dream thankfully has made an impact on others.

I am thrilled to be where we are today.  Yet I see so much potential ahead of us to continue to improve, to be not only the largest entertainment center in the country but also the best.  And improvements are in order:

We recently signed a contract to upgrade our laser tag equipment from what is arguably already the best on the market to an even higher, newer standard – phasers that will feature real-time scoring and rankings on every phaser via an LCD display, new game modes including several adopted from popular video games, and power-up stations within the arena that allow players to upgrade weaponry in the middle of the game.  We are rolling out brand new go-karts (replacing our existing fleet), including double seaters.  They are on the track now and being rigorously tested and tweaked for operational performance improvements.  And we are getting ready to launch one of the best fundraising campaigns in Ohio – including 25% kickbacks to community organizations in the restaurant and free use of volleyball, bocce and cornhole courts, providing the potential to raise thousands of dollars for community schools, groups, clubs, and more for a single event.

We will also continue to bring some of your favorite events back to the Scene in the coming months, including SlimeTime with the Real Ohio Ghostbusters (where you can slime me!), Indoor Trick or Treat, Breakfast with Santa, and more.

Thank you for your continued support.  We are having fun.  And I sincerely hope you are too.  Our team is energized for the months ahead…