3D/4D Terror!

After you get scared out of your wits at Haunted Laser Tag, come on over to the 4-D X-Riders for even MORE chills and thrills!

If you haven’t experienced this unique attraction yet, YOU ARE MISSING OUT! The 4D Theaters are basically roller coaster simulators. Up to 4 people at once hop into the theater with 3-D glasses and watch a thrilling 3-5 minute movie. During the film your seat moves and shakes you, giving your body all the true feelings of speeding and dipping that an amusement ride would. The ‘4D’ aspects of the ride are amazing snow, bubble, and wind effects that make scenes like snow blizzards and wind storms come alive!

And we’ve put in all the movies that will scare the screams right out of you! Out of our 18 4D Films that you can choose from 4 of them are bone chillingly scary!

Try them out, if you dare!