Hello Cincinnati!An Introduction to Scene75

In the coming months, I will share a great deal about me, my team and the construction progress of Scene75 Cincinnati.  But to start, I must start with the basics, including what Scene75 is, what Scene75 represents, and what I ultimately hope Scene75 will become.

So, what is Scene75?  By product, Scene75 is the evolution of passion.  It is not a chain, franchise or otherwise corporate outfit.  It is a family business run by family ownership with a team of co-workers who are treated as though they too are part of the family, and in turn, tend to treat the facility and its guests like their own.  Scene75 is a brand built on the foundation of a dream, a dream of a father and son (that’s me, Jonah) that in reality had less than a one percent chance of coming to fruition.  It is a brand built on the risk of leaving a steady job and paycheck, a steady girlfriend, and the near guarantee of a brighter future, all while risking every last penny of savings (and pennies to come), to help a family in a time of need.  By size, Scene75 brands the largest indoor entertainment center in the country and what will soon be the largest indoor entertainment centers in the country.  By recognition, Scene75 has been recognized and/or received awards from Dayton B2B Magazine, the mayor, the Dean of Wright State’s Raj Soin College of Business, the governor, Ohio Magazine, the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, Bloomberg television, and Facebook corporate.  By entertainment value, Scene75 offers more than a dozen premium attractions, including indoor electric go-karts, a two-story laser tag arena in which up to 40 players can compete simultaneously, eighteen holes of blacklight miniature golf, 4-D motion theaters, inflatables, 100+ video and e-ticket prize redemption games, and much, much more.  By community values, Scene75 accepts its leadership role within the community and takes this responsibility very seriously – giving back through special events, such as our annual trick-or-treat event which attracts more than five thousand visitors each holiday, giving back through fundraisers, such as those we actively participate in on a weekly basis, giving back to education through our learn to earn program, where we help schools and teachers reward their students for excellence in the classroom with significantly discounted gameplay, and much, much more.  Yes, THAT is what Scene75 is.

So, what does Scene75 represent?  For me, Scene75 represents the impossible.  In building Scene75 Dayton, my dad and I were told time and time again that it simply could not be – the building is not right, the idea is not right, the size is not right, the costs are not right, the city is not right, the vision is not right, and perhaps even, we are not right.  But determination is a precious gift and after more than three years of research and pure drive to get to the finish line, Scene75 Dayton came to be.  And it came to be the home to more than one million guest visits, three thousand corporate and birthday parties, and a job for more than 100 people.  And now, three years after opening Scene75 Dayton, here we are, dice-rolling father and senseless son (along with an uncle G and his dog spot), trying to do it again, this time in Cincinnati – yet this round, we are not alone.  This round we have the help of a community who has, to my deepest thanks, graced us with their visits time and time again; they have seen, tasted, and experienced the essence of Scene75 and have helped us improve our facility and operations each and every day.  This time we have the help of a passionate team who has, to my deepest thanks, put up with me as a leader and taken it upon themselves to learn as much as they possibly can about this industry, and in doing so, strive to deliver excellent service to our guests.  This round we have the help of partners who believe in Scene75’s role in the community so much that one has even encouraged his son to work long hours alongside us.  Yes, THAT is what Scene75 represents.

Scene75, however, is not perfect (and with me at the helm, never will be) – in fact, we are far from perfect and tend to make at least one mistake on a near daily basis.  But Scene75, and its team of employees, genuinely strive to “do good”.  And we will continue to do so for as long as the day is bright.  So what is it that I want Scene75 to become?  As I once shared in a blog posting, I want Scene75 to mean something to you beyond just a massive building that provides what I believe to be exceptional entertainment.  I want Scene75 to be a facility that facilitates; a facility where you can meet new people, where you can catch up with old friends, where you can tell your grandkids years from now that this is where you took your wife or husband on a first date, and where you can share memorable, and I mean truly memorable, experiences with your entire family.  I want Scene75 to be a part of the community.  A vital part.  I want it to be a place where you can escape the ordinary – not necessarily in a magical sense but rather in a ‘Scene75 made today different from yesterday’ sense.  Life is so often about the tomorrows – what we need to accomplish for work, where we need to be at a specific hour, etc. – and the yesterdays – what we should have done differently, where did the time go, etc.  I am certainly guilty of living in both; in fact, I’d surmise, in all honesty, that much of the last 10 or so years of my life have been about living for the tomorrow.  But I want Scene75, for all of us, to be about the now – I am having a blast, I don’t need to stress about tomorrow because I’m here enjoying myself with those who mean the most to me, etc.  And in living in the now, I’d imagine that the yesterdays and the tomorrows will unquestionably appear all that much brighter.  Yes, THAT is what I want Scene75 to become.