Reflecting Upon Scene75's First Year

Last night I re-read a newspaper article from August 2012 that highlighted the recent opening of Scene75. The article reminded me of the journey to design and construct the establishment; but it also reminded me, given our imminent one year anniversary, to review the events of the past year to see what it is that we, as a community, actually accomplished within the establishment during our first year of operations. Here are just a few highlights that come to mind:

Unique Events that Brought Excitement and Community Spirit to Dayton

  • Slime Time 2012 gave hundreds of guests the opportunity to meet the Real Ohio Ghostbusters (and slime me in the process with all proceeds benefiting charity)
  • Halloween 2012 gave more than 2,500 community members a safe, warm and dry place to trick-or-treat for free
  • Toys for Tots donation week in which Scene75 matched all prizes won in the prize redemption gallery with an equal contribution to Toys for Tots
  • New Year’s Eve 2012/2013 provided a free, family-friendly atmosphere complete with balloon drops and live music
  • Traffic Light Party 2013 gave more than 300 singles a chance to meet others in a fun, relaxed setting (and it was super cool to have community volunteers assist us with the event planning!)
  • Sheamus, the WWE Superstar, visited us to teach 100 lucky contestant winners about the evil of bullying
  • Learn to Earn continues to motivate and reward students across the community for academic excellence; we would love to welcome even more PTOs and administrators to the program
  • More than 100 teams enjoy our volleyball leagues each and every week to create a summer-time party atmosphere on the patio

A Facebook Fairytale

  • 23,000 fans liked our Facebook page before our doors officially opened
  • Asked to represent millions of small businesses and speak to 1,300 Facebook employees at its annual global sales meeting
  • Scene75 was an international award finalist in 2012, competing against some of the best entertainment facilities, water parks, and amusement parks in the world

And a Few of My Dear Personal Favorite Memories

  • Finding myself auctioned off for a date (for charity) on the one night I volunteered to bartend
  • Meeting many of you who became Facebook fans and cheered us on long before we even opened (you all rock!)
  • Thinking I was attending a team meeting only to learn that I was walking into a surprise 30th birthday party with nearly 100 teammates present
  • Driving 45 minutes in a slime soaked outfit from Slime Time 2012 (and getting hit in the head with a pellet by my assistant when she was “testing” the various equipment…Ms. Jackie! LOL)
  • Walking the parade at the Troy Strawberry Festival and actually hearing the crowd chant both my own name and that of Scene75
  • Seeing hundreds of smiles each and every day I go to work
  • Bonding with a team of passionate people who give 100% to deliver the best guest experience possible

We will be celebrating our first anniversary during the 4th of July weekend; we will have a number of fun activities and promotions planned. In addition, I look forward to July 20th in which we proudly present Salsa under the Stars! Stay tuned as details will be posted on Facebook soon. You won’t want to miss these events!

Thank you for supporting us and for making our first year so much fun! We look forward to bringing the same intensity and enthusiasm to the community in year two. We are nothing without you.