Scene75's Evolution

Since my last posting, I have spent a lot of time analyzing how Scene75 has evolved from the facility it was when we first opened only seven short months ago to what it is today.

From my perspective, our opening week could best be described, quite frankly, as drinking from a fire-hose.  Within hours of announcing our opening, my team and I found ourselves nearly at capacity.  It was an amazing feeling to see so many people come to support the dream, but at the same time, it was truly quite terrifying.  Everything happened incredibly quickly.  In fact, you know those sport highlights on television where the producer shows the running-back breaking tackles at normal speed before suddenly switching to turbo speed as he propels down the field?  Well, I felt like I was the running-back, only I was sidling in slow motion as the entire defense was set to turbo mode gearing up to flatten me.  Don’t get me wrong; I knew our undertaking would not be easy – opening a business of any size is challenging – but I never imagined that I would go to bed that week and wonder if it could actually have been any more difficult!  Personally, my greatest challenge at that point in time was in directing my team as to how to respond to the unforeseen challenges that seemingly surfaced every few minutes; coaching others when you don’t have all of the answers or the experience in opening a 124,000 square foot facility is a difficult undertaking.  There was no time to reflect while the doors were open and certainly less time to correct.  Decisions had to be made instantly; policies that were set only hours before our opening already had to be revised.  I don’t think I slept more than 4 hours that entire week combined.

Fast forward to where we are today.  I tend to get more than 4 hours of sleep every night.  Instead of running the ball every play, I get to coach more so from the sidelines, providing guidance while stepping in as necessary to ensure we maintain our focus of delivering a quality experience while pushing our team to be better than they were yesterday.  I have gained complete confidence in my team and in their abilities to act as I expect of them; they share the passion and get just as disappointed as I do on that rare occasion when something goes awry.  I have more answers today than when we started, but I continue to learn daily.  The team no longer relies on my sole direction but rather on their own intuition, their own experiences, the guidance of our managers, and the high standards we all wish to uphold at Scene75.  I am proud of them and the desire they demonstrate to enrich your experience.

Physically, the facility has evolved as well.  We opened with 60 arcade games.  We now have nearly 100 with several more on the way, including a shipment due in this week.  We added a new attraction; we are among the first facilities in the world to have Atomic Rush.  We started with a 2 page menu; we will be expanding to 4+ within the month.   We opened without a dedicated toddler area; now Big Bad Bounce sets an industry standard with its private toddler bounce area.

If you haven’t visited recently, I’d encourage you to return to see our evolution.  And if you have visited recently, I’d encourage you to return too!

Without question, we have room to improve.  And without question, we will improve.  We are still young, learning and changing.  Scene75 is here, however, to set a standard not just for quality entertainment in Dayton, but with your patronage and feedback, for quality entertainment within the industry at large.  We are making a splash and industry insiders are taking notice.  I’m glad to be a part of this.

In case you missed a recent facebook posting, we were the cover story of this month’s Dayton B2B magazine.  You can find the article here (  What an honor!   And I’m thrilled that later this week I will be visiting the WDTN tv studio for a live one on one interview.

Thank you for your continued support and for making a dream come true.  We would be nothing without you.

I look forward to seeing you later this week!