Creating Scene75 and How Facebook Marketing Proved Invaluable

Last week I had the privilege of hosting yet another presentation at Scene75 – Creating Scene75 and How Facebook Marketing Proved Invaluable.  This presentation was particularly special to me for a number of reasons.

First, we had nearly 60 guests in attendance – my largest presentation on this subject to date.  Interestingly, these individuals represented 25 different industries – a very fun, diverse group with great thoughts and questions.  Thanks to all of those who attended!

Two, my parents and grandmother attended. Though they have unquestionably participated in the Scene75 journey from the onset, they never heard me speak at length to the ways in which I built our Facebook page.  Furthermore, I believe that I may have shared some additional insight into the struggles I faced personally the last several years, and to some degree, still battle today.  I think I found my eyes tearing up once or twice to be quite truthful.

Third, a few of my dear partners attended.  While they were there primarily to support me, they also wanted to relive the excitement and learn, as it was their first time hearing, how I put our marketing strategy in place.  I truly enjoyed being able to do this with them in the room given how challenging it was to attract Scene75 investors – few believed in Dayton and even fewer believed in both the vision and the opportunity.

And fourth, Facebook corporate actually attended.  To my understanding, this was the first time Facebook sent a representative to a small business to listen to a presentation as to how it used its tool.  It was awesome!  Katy from Facebook was tremendous – in fact, I think my grandma wants to adopt her as her own grandchild…but alas, my grandmother is stuck with me.  Hi Bub.

So.  Here we are – eight months into understanding Scene75; truth be told, it feels like eight minutes in one capacity and eight years in another.  Unquestionably though, it has been a fascinating journey for me and my team.

Despite my fascination with the process, creating anything, as you can imagine, along the lines of a Scene75, or for that matter being an entrepreneur in general, poses great challenges – challenges on both the business front and on the personal.  For me, the most challenging piece of it all is not just in finding, but creating, balance.  You see, I learned that when you pour 100% of your effort into something each and every day for such a long time (approaching four years), a piece of yourself (or perhaps in my case, several) gets lost in the process without necessarily knowing it is missing.  I’m personally still tracking those pieces down to a) know what exact pieces are actually hiding and b) to figure out how to put them back where they came from upon finding them.  Over the last few weeks, it became quite clear to me that I want, and well need, to get those pieces back.  It may take some time, but given that they were once mine, I know they remain somewhere nearby waiting for me to find.  My eyes are open.

Thank you for your continued support and for embracing our facility with open arms.  We are so happy to be here in Dayton, and we look forward to many more months and years of continual improvement.  We only want to be great — for you, our community…the reason we exist.