Opening Scene75

Five months ago to this day we opened our doors for the very first time.  I recall that sequence — unlocking the doors, announcing our opening on facebook, and greeting our first guests as they entered the facility — like it was yesterday.  It was a moment filled with excitement, accomplishment and trepidation; without question, it was the beginning of the ultimate test— would my life’s work of the last three years be apparent in the product presented?  More importantly, however, would the public, our soon to be dear guests, perceive Scene75 to be the facility I perceived it to be in my own mind?  And equally important, what did I actually want Scene75 to become?

As I sit here typing and reflecting, my mind is overcome with thoughts beyond the elusive answers to these questions.  The most pervasive of these thoughts, as our early followers will attest, is that my willingness to share the uncomfortable and the personal thankfully struck a chord with many.  And through this sharing, I unquestionably learned a great deal about business, life, and most importantly, people.  You see, the more truth I revealed, from the hardships of forming a business to the personal struggles at bay from laying it all on the line, the more support I received from you.  And the more support I received from you, the easier it became to further unveil my truth.  And the more I revealed that truth, the more I learned about myself and what I wanted Scene75 to become.  And for that, I am forever grateful.

So what is it that I want Scene75 to become?  In truth, I want it to evolve.  Static is boring.  Static is passé.  So in knowing exactly what I want Scene75 to become, I would be defining something I don’t necessary want to have a definition.

But that’s a cop out answer no one wants to read.   So that being said, here is what I do know.

I want Scene75 to mean something to you beyond just a massive building that provides what I believe to be exceptional entertainment.  I want Scene75 to be a facility that facilitates; a facility where you can meet new people, where you can catch up with old friends, where you can tell your grandkids years from now that this is where you took your wife or husband on a first date, and where you can share memorable, and I mean truly memorable, experiences with your entire family.

I want Scene75 to be a part of the community.  A vital part.  I want it to be a place where you can escape the ordinary – not necessarily in a magical sense but rather in a ‘Scene75 made today different from yesterday’ sense.

Life is so often about the tomorrows – what we need to accomplish for work, where we need to be at a specific hour, etc. – and the yesterdays – what we should have done differently, where did the time go, etc.  I am certainly guilty of living in both; in fact, I’d surmise, in all honesty, that the last 8 or so years of my life have been about living for the tomorrow.  But I want Scene75, for all of us, to be about the now – I am having a blast, I don’t need to stress about tomorrow because I’m here enjoying myself with those who mean the most to me, etc.  And in living in the now, I’d imagine that the yesterdays and the tomorrows will unquestionably appear all that much brighter.

Yes, this is what I want Scene75 to become.

Much love,