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Someone once told us that great things come in small packages. We agreed, so we took the best parts of regular bowling and made the game even more fun! This attraction is just like the real game but on a smaller scale and in a more relaxed comfortable environment. Check out our lounge and prepare to enjoy a fun environment that is great for kids and adults alike! To learn more about mini-bowling please check out the descriptions below:

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Mini-Bowling Prices

1 Game – $3.00/person

Scene75 Mini Bowling - Dayton

We’ve created our four-lane, ultra-modern, mini lounge with fun and relaxation on our mind. Mini bowling combines all of the action of regular bowling, complete with hardwood approaches, real ball returns, and automatic scoring, and pares it down to size to create a more intimate, lounge-like setting. With shorter approaches, smaller balls and no requirement to wear those smelly shoes, our lanes offer the best bowling in Dayton! The Scene75 Dayton location was the first to offer Mini-Bowling in Dayton, Ohio, so you have to check out the original!

Scene75 Mini Bowling - Cincinnati

We loved it so much, we have to do it again in Cincinnati! This time we’re making more lanes and room for more enjoyment! We took the best parts of regular bowling and made the game even more fun by making it smaller and more relaxed! The Scene75 Cincinnati mini-bowl lounge features 6 lanes of mini-bowling with automated scoring. There is also a lounge area with couches, tables, projection screens and more for the bowlers to hang out and enjoy.

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