Scene75’s two locations in Dayton and Cincinnati offer the best indoor attractions in Ohio! Both facilities are open year round and have attractions for all ages. Check out the Dayton or Cincinnati attraction pages for more information and pricing.

Dayton Attractions & Pricing                                         Cincinnati Attractions & Pricing


Scene75 Arcade


Enjoy our collection of the hottest 100+ arcade games and win some awesome redemption prizes!

Available at both locations

Scene75 Laser Tag

Laser Tag

Test your skills in our 2-story laser tag arena while dodging lasers and tagging your opponents!

Available at both locations

gokarts (2)

Indoor Go-Karts

Burn some rubber on the go-kart track as you race to beat your friends and get the best lap times!

Available at both locations


Girl Playing Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

You know its not real but, for that split second, you forget. Reality only begins to set in as you take off the headset…

Only Available at Dayton Location

Scene75 Blacklight Mini-Golf

Blacklight Mini-Golf

Prepare for a scenic golfing adventure as you putt around our unique Blacklight Mini-Golf courses!

Available at both locations

Scene75 Bouncing

Bouncing Inflatables

As soon as you step into bouncing zone at Scene75, one word will enter your mind – wow!

Available at both locations

Scene75 Mini Bowling


Complete with hardwood approaches, real ball returns, and automatic scoring.

Available at both locations

Scene75 Spin Zone Bumper Cars

Bumper Cars

Our Spin Zone bumper cars feature an inner tube design, making them safe and incredibly fun.

Available at both locations

Scene75 4-D Motion Theaters

4-D Motion Theater

Our 4-D theater is a full motion simulator thrill ride designed for the whole family.

Available at both locations

Valkyrie (2)


This awesome 4-D motion simulator takes you through a thrilling zombie shooting experience. 

Available at both locations

Scene75 Lazer Frenzy

Lazer Maze

Crawl, bend, jump and weave through a maze of multi-colored lasers as fast as possible.

Available at both locations

Scene75 Chaos Room

Chaos Room

Video games just got better, play them on 15ft HD projection screens in this gaming theatre!

Available at both locations

Scene75 Atomic Rush

Atomic Rush

The object is to hit as many of your colored lights within the arena in a 60 second time period.

Available at both locations

Scene75 Sand Volleyball

Sand Volleyball

Lather on the sunscreen, order a drink, and make way for bikinis and board shorts!

Only Available at Dayton Location

Scene75 Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball

This ancient game which closely resembles bowling, requires skill, strategy and just a little bit of luck.

Only Available at Dayton Location


Scene75 uses an electronic card system for all of its games and attractions. You can load any amount of money onto a Scene75 Card and then use it at all the attractions and arcade games! Any tickets that guests win are automatically loaded onto the card. There is no admission charge and parking is free.