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What can we say? People LOVE us! But honestly, we could have never done any of this without you!

Remember Malibu Grand Prix near Dayton Mall? Too far afield – never got there myself. Putt-Putt & Adventure Golf near Forest Park? One-trick ponies. Scene75 seems to be planning these things right and more! Looking forward to it!


We are so excited for ya’ll!!! Our boy plays baseball at VRC…LOTS of conversation amongst all us Vandalia/north of town families regarding Scene75! We can’t wait! We need you as much as you need us!!! Thank you for believing in this market!…We did a box at the Dragons last year…a Scene75 party would blow that out of the water!!!! So excited for opening day!


Looking forward to spending some money and time here! It’s about time we got something here besides driving to Cincy for Dave & Busters…


About time a fun place came to the north end of town everything is south of Dayton. Thank you Scene75 owners for coming our way.


Glad we are going to finally have some place like this go to! Seems like its going to be a great place for this area!!!


Dave and Busters look out; I have been watching this place.


Can’t wait, just went to D&B yesterday for the last time…haha…you are ready to go after maybe an hour after being there; all the games are the same and they don’t have anything competitive except air hockey, a few bball shooters, and race car games.


Jonah, thanks for taking a moment to meet me last night. Me and my friends had a blast; next time we’ll have to get there a little earlier for the bouncey area (yes, my adult friends were upset that they missed it). But the laser tag and go-karts were awesome, even more so because I am 6’7” and fit in the kart just fine. You did good bringing this place to Dayton, and I hope that it continues to grow. Thanks for helping me bring in the big 3-0.

Dennis L. Duncan, Jr.

I have 11 VERY excited 10 year olds that will be pulling up in a SUV Limo at 4:00. Why??? Because who needs a new IPad when you can take your buddies to SCENE75 ???? Thanks Jonah. Thanks for taking a chance on Dayton, Ohio and thanks for being such a visionary. The fact that you give sooooo much to this community. Santa/Easter Bunny/Singles Events/Memorial Day gift cards. I LOOOOOOOVE spending my hard earned $$$$$ here!!!! See you soon.


I really see this changing this area like the Dayton Dragon’s has. Let’s show them what Dayton can do!! GO BIG OR GO HOME!!


I have been wanting this kind of establishment in Dayton for awhile now. I think it’s just what we need. Thank you Scene75 for bringing this to us.


I came here with my school and the employees were awesome with the special needs kids to make sure they had a great time.


Omg!! You guys are the picture of ‘go big or go home!!’ Cannot wait


Im gonna keep ya in businness …..plan on going often.


Thank you Scene 75 for such a great time last weekend! My kids loved it. The restrooms and floor were very clean. We will definitely be back!


It’s about time someone finally brought actual entertainment to the Heights; I’ve lived here all my life and remember having to travel to another town just to do something fun…super excited!!! Best of luck and can’t wait!


Yep, when you guys open it’s going to be hard to get me to leave lol….


Awesome.  The Dayton area needs something like this. Thanks.  You are going to bring a lot of people JOY!!! ;D


Coolest place ever! Wish there was something this awesome around my town.


You guys better order alot of beer for opening weekend cause it sounds like the whole city is going to show up. I know we are! So nice to have something other then strip clubs opening up in the Dayton area…….thank you Scene75!!!


This year was our daughters 13th birthday.We wanted to make it special so we chose Scene 75. We could not have had a better teen party than what we had here. We had our party during the week so it would not be as crowded and the price was cheaper. We were not disappointed. Children and adults alike had a great time and the food at the party was delicious. I would recommend this establishment to anyone wanting to add a little pizzaz to their party. This business was a wonderful addition to the community to get families and friends to come together for some much needed fun.Thanks for taking the risk and making this opportunity available to us.


I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you so much for making my son’s birthday extra special. He has been to Scene 75 on a couple of occasions, so he did not hesitate to say Scene75 is where he wanted to have his party the moment I asked him. Again, Scene75 did not disappoint. From the moment we walked in and saw Tyler holding the sign with my son’s name to direct us to the party room to the time the last guests left, we had an amazing experience. Our host, Tyler, was excellent and made sure the party stayed on schedule and all guests were served and satisfied. Everyone, including the adults, talked about how much fun they had at the party. Even my 61 year old mother said she hopes to have her next party there. I will definitely suggest Scene75 to family and friends. Thank you for helping to make my 3 year old’s birthday absolutely awesome!


So glad there is something like this coming to the area! Cannot wait until it’s open.


Looking forward to this!


We just had our son’s 10th birthday party there and everyone that came kept saying this was the best birthday party ever! I just wanted to say thanks again for bringing Scene 75 to Dayton so that we could look like great parents and have the best birthday party ever for our son! thanks so much everyone of all ages at the party enjoyed themselves!


I can’t wait to take my kids here! I know it is going to be a blast!


It will be great and will be amazing!! We drive to Dave and Busters just for the entertainment and now we can stay here and have a better time! We are driving an hour+ to D&B…just think about all the people who will be driving into Dayton for Scene75!! And secretly I’ve thought about applying to have a job I love!


Your place is going to be AWESOME!


Teary eyed that you cared enough to do this for Cameron and his family. 2001 I lost a son to cancer and having a place like yours to be able to get away to for a day to feel normal or just to forget about the sickness is just awesome. God bless you!


We’ve been to Scene75 several times with our three-year-old grandson (he calls it ‘The Big Bouncy Place’). He loves it. We can spend an hour in Big Bad Bounce and we work off a lot of excess energy. Of course, then he wants to play mini-golf. And I need to try my hand at Skee-ball. And on it goes…


Screw Dave and Busters…I need some Scene75!


Eeeek!!! So excited!


This place is phenomalous!


I can’t wait to see this place in operation, It’s gonna rock…


Can’t wait till it opens; this is really going to be the best place ever!


My family and I just went this past Saturday. The food in the bar and grill was great and the games were a reasonable price. It all depends on how much you feel like spending! My daughter is five and she really enjoyed herself. We spent three hours there and were exhausted.


I think it is great that you guys are building this place for the area. Once I found out about it I don’t stop talking about it to any and everyone. I can’t wait for the doors to open; your prices are great, and everything looks amazing. I wish you guys the best of luck!


You know you have a great CEO when you hear through the grape vine that he has hand written a thank you note to an employee for a ‘job well done.’ Way to go Jonah.


Can not wait to see this place…It sounds like sooo much fun and we definitely need a fun family place like this around here…Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Scene 75 did a smash-up-top-of-the-line-hit-the-mark Stop Light Party Last Night. I have not had that much fun going out (and meeting new people) in a very long time… The staff and facility were excellent ;0) the preparations, decorations and organization of this event blew me away!! I cant wait for the next one ;0) We are gonna pack the house again I’m sure! Thx for an AWESOME Friday night!


Ok, I was there Sunday with my friends for their birthday and OMG!!! The place was awesome!!


My friends and I are very excited for you to open!! We needed something like this in Dayton for a while now!


I’m so excited for something like this to come to the area!


I have 2 boys, both under 2 right now. I look forward to bringing them to Scene75 in the years ahead and having something fun for all of us to do as a family. I know you are going to thrive here. People around Dayton really are starved for good entertainment. I can’t wait for it to open!


You really have something that could reinvigorate this community.


It’s the best place in the world for fun!!!!


First time visit tonight; had a great time…..must do it again soon!


Scene75 is going to be a great hit. The NEWS said it will be the biggest entertainment center in the USA. I know my kids will be taking their kids, and we will be taking out grand kids. We will also be going ourselves. People think of just Dayton, Ohio they don’t realize the great location you have have put Scene75in. It isn’t in Downtown Dayton. You will succeed, and I know there will be a lot of kids that will be off the the streets and have something to do. I LOVE IT can’t wait for you to OPEN! Good Luck but I don’t think you will need it.


Heard about you guys all the way in Texas! Sounds like a great place. We are visiting Ohio in the summer, and I just looked it up; we will only be 37 miles away from your location. I found out what we are doing!


Can’t wait to make memories with my family and friends at Scene75!!!!!!


Awesome place. I went Saturday &went back today. It was blast.


Can’t wait, there will finally be something fun to do in Ohio!!!!!!


It’s going to be Epic.


This is going to be the single greatest thing to come to our area.


We are STARVING for entertainment in the Greater Miami Valley! Oh…yeah…you are also the talk of Greenville! We can’t wait.


We were there last week and had a blast. Our 5 yr old daughter had a blast in the bounce area. My husband and I joked that for $4 on any given night we could wear her out! We have 4 cousins ages 8-17 here this week for vacation and definitely plan on bringing them in for a great time!


This place sounds so awesome…can’t wait til it opens.


Everyone should take their family at least once!!!!! Its priceless I promise and well worth the drive from Lima and well worth the money! My girls loved it and I think we “the grown ups” had just as much if not more fun than they did!!!


Can’t wait to check this place out. It sounds like its gonna be legendary!


This place was amazing!! I keep asking myself for some kind of constructive criticism, but the only thing is of myself for not going sooner!!! It was AWESOME!!!…also I can say how refreshing it was to see and meet Jonah…..nice job! Thanks for the great time!!


This will be a great success for our community.


Many people have forgotten that Dayton is a resilient city and had to start over after the 1913 flood….I think we are poised for a comeback and am grateful for anyone who is prepared to take a chance on our beautiful Gem City! Thanks Scene75!!!!


Great activities all under one roof. Reasonable prices per activity. So much to do! Very clean as well.


I remember the beginning of trying to surpass the other entertainment centers in the country in likes, it seems as if it were yesterday that it was under 5,000 likes now here you are almost to 50,000. I hope this shows Dayton is behind you, if your place packed every weekend didn’t show ya. Lol


I have been twice. Loaded $20 on my game card the first visit and it lasted through both visits; so add in dinner both times and for less than $20 each time I had a blast. I can’t even go see a movie for less than what it costs to have a nice evening at scene75

GE Technology Solutions

Dave and Busters…eat your heart out! Scene75 is setting the new standard in entertainment!!!….across the nation! Dayton – birthplace of aviation and now birthplace of the ULTIMATE year round entertainment destination.


It’s so nice to see big time investment into Dayton area entertainment. This is what Dayton needs. A reason for people to come here.


This place is freaking awesome.


Didn’t even go to Scene75 for the rides and games. Went there for their awesome food and excellent craft beer selection!! They even had Yellow Springs Cream Ale in draft!! Wooo! Highly recommended for their beer and food!!

Nina Doulton

Nina Doulton

I finally took my family to Scene75 last night and we had a blast. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking to have fun. We will be visiting again soon for sure and looking forward to checking out the food next time. See ya then!


I’m like a walking commercial for you guys. Everywhere I go, I ask.. “have you got to go to scene 75 yet?” I am shocked when they tell me they never heard of it and delighted to show them online what they are missing! My coworkers and I (who I just got to show what scene 75 was) are planning a visit Saturday night for a laser tag show down!


Scene75, I think my family is still on a “high” from our son’s birthday party last week. So worth every penny! From the moment we walked in the door until I witnessed family/friends cashing in their points at the end of the evening, EVERYONE was enthusiastic and kind to us. Kaylee did a wonderful job as our hostess!! She was enthusiastic, fun and extremely helpful. And the pictures she took are a cherished treasure. Thank you, Kaylee! Great job! I also want to thank Ashley (gal behind the ticket redemption counter). She was so kind towards my sister who is in a wheelchair and has special needs. She just about brought me to tears at the end of the evening with her thoughtfulness . Thank you, Ashley! And to the ladies in the office where I cashed out. I still owe you a Scene75 cake. I promise I won’t forget. :) Thank you for a wonderful birthday celebration for our son! I am still amazed at the kindness every time we walk in the door. The Hart’s LOVE Scene75!

Kathi & Bill



My husband and I are over 40 with no kids and we had a BLAST at Scene 75.


Can’t wait till you open; my boys and I are so looking forward to it! This is the best thing that’s happened in Dayton thus far! Thank you for giving all of us more family friendly entertainment!!!”


Something fun for everyone of every age!


We love Scene75 and am proud to be a corporate sponsor. Wishing you much continued success!

Revitalize MD MedSpa and Laser Center

Best thing to ever hit Dayton!


This place is gonna be amazing and a giant boost to the Dayton economy. Thank you Scene75!


Can’t wait to come have some fun in this area! No more Dave & Busters!


Love it! Can’t wait to see this neat place!


About the best that’s happened to Dayton in a very, very long time.


The luau party was really cool, guys! I love this place.


This looks awesome!!!


Thanks for a great venue to hold my son’s college graduation party!! The staff was great, the food was yummy, and the attractions were fun although I did not get to partake much. Next time I am coming just to play.


Montgomery County, Dayton Ohio and the Miami Valley have been in desperate need of entertainment and Scene75 will be delivering it! Once this place opens, everyone will be saying ‘Dave & Who?’ :)


My family and I cannot wait for you to open! My daughter already wants her birthday party there this year and you aren’t even open yet!


Thank you so much Scene 75! “You will have my business for a long time to come.” I hold you in the highest regard as far as customer service goes– you folks are top notch. I will continue to spread the word on how much we loved your outstanding customer service team….I would like to add that Miranda Maire (our host) is a TERRIFIC representative of your company.


Awesome! Can’t wait. Looks like this place is gonna blow Dave and Busters out of the water!!


Thank you for investing and building this in the Dayton area! Many of my friends and I are excited to have something fun here to do. Looking forward to less drives to Cincy or C-bus.


So excited that an old building in Dayton is being transformed into something great for the community! We’ll definitely be visiting!!


Can’t wait for the place to be open…..bout time that something opens that is a fun safe place for the kids to be at…..but even better than that the whole family can go and have fun ♥ i’ll be there opening dayyyy…… :) thank you


So excited for this place to open! This is HUGE growth for Dayton!


I would gladly give my grandkids money after they earned it to go there. This isn’t going to be like a Chuck E. Cheese’s everyone; we are on the map! It’s huge! It’s awesome!


Visited Scene 75 today for our first visit. Awesome facility! We did spin zone, go karts, mini golf and mini bowling. Great customer service. Looking forward to going back in the future!


My husband and his friends were just down yesterday. Enjoyed themselves and we will be taking some friends down soon for an evening out.


We had my son’s 13th birthday party here today and it was amazing. We did the Pick 3 custom party, 2 rounds of laser tag and 9 holes of putt putt, it was great. Everyone had a fun time. Our party host was great! She even took pictures for me! This is the first party that I was able to relax and enjoy. My son is currently planning next year’s party, thinking Chaos Room and Go-Karts.

We had our son’s birthday party at Scene 75 last night. Kids had a blast and I wanted to let you know our host Tyler did a great job being professional and focused on the kids. This was the first party I didn’t have to do anything and he did a great job!


You guys are great!! Dayton is lucky to have such an inspiring business in its city!


One of my cousins out in Phoenix wishes there was something like this place out there; I told him he has to come to Ohio sometime.


We are so lucky to have this great Entertainment Center in the Vandalia area.


Scene75 will definitely become a popular location of ‘You remember that one time at…?’ stories of kids and adults in the future. Glad to see this coming to Dayton!


I have already told everyone I know about this place, and everyone is anxious and excited for this to open. It’s going to do a lot of good for Dayton!! And it’s nice that now I won’t have to go to Columbus or Cincinnati to go to Dave & Busters.


Scene75 might be the best thing to happen to Dayton since Sinclair Community College.


Jus wanna,say thank u to the to amazing young ladies @ the lazer tag area KARLI & MAGGIE u girls r awesome n glad we got to meet u ….thanks for everything

The Weese Family

Man, it gets better and better. I can’t wait till it opens up; Dave and Busters has nothing on you guys.


Waiting list for co-ed 4′s volleyball???……MORE COURTS!!!! PLEASE we had soooo much more fun with u guys than setters!!!!


Cannot wait for Scene75 Entertainment Center to open…I’m glad my daughter will have this for her childhood


We had a great time with the family today at Scene 75! There is something for everyone of all ages. Very clean and well run!


Last night we spent the evening here w/ my step brother & his wife for her birthday – my husband & my first visit – we had a GREAT time!! Thanks for such a fun evening out!


Just left from having an awesome time at a laser tag birthday party! My daughter and her friends had a great time! Big thanks to Kaylee-she was wonderful(also Vanessa and Tammy!) Thank you!


We visited Scene 75 for the first time last night for my niece Sidney’s birthday party. I’ll just say that it was the most fun I have had in a long time! There was something for everyone to do, including us “big kids”. lol. I wasn’t sure what to expect, after hearing that it was a little on the expensive side, but being the coupon clipping, stay at home penny pinching mom that I am, I was pleasantly surprised that it was no more expensive than any other place around. (With all due respect) It beats Chuck-E-Cheese right into the ground! We were there for 3 hours and still didn’t get to do all that we wanted. We will definitely be back for some mini golf, go karts & laser tag. We had pizza with the birthday party (which was great BTW) and then later on visited Radars Bar & Grill for some appetizers. All of the staff was friendly and professional with special shout out to the bounce house guy (didn’t catch his name). He was great, playing hide & seek with my 3 year old son while he played in the toy story house and the adults went down the huge monster slide. lol. My son was laughing and having a great time, as were the rest of us! I can’t wait to come back and continue making great memories with my friends and family. Great job on the facility. It really is great!


So looking forward to it. Dayton needs this! Thank you for bringing this to the 937!


This place looks amazing!!!!


We had a great family day at Scene75 today. We celebrated my son’s birthday. Special thanks to our barmaid Danielle, she was great! She explained a lot about Scene75, and all it had to offer us as well as the many drink choices. Great Job:) Can’t wait to come back!!


If you haven’t gone you should. We had a blast would love to go back again. And I’m 62 years old.


…love your place. my kids have been there almost every weekend since you opened. your place has made them bring their grades up and have done their chores. that’s their reward for raising their grades up and doing their chores so I thank you for bringing our family together…I wanted to thank you for putting smiles on their faces. sincerely.


Let us support a local business! Can’t wait for this to open up, it’s going to be nice to have a place that your entire family can play in Dayton. Keep our money in our city! This is how we grow.


Finally, a landmark for gamers in southwest Ohio that will make all my internet friends green with envy. Can’t wait till you open!!!


Definitely will be back and we recommend this place to everyone we talk to.


Finally something to do around here besides going to the movies!


The Black Light Mini Golf is a must. Both courses are great. The effects are really cool and it’s fun for the whole family! The whole facility is a great entertainment center. Much needed in Dayton. Thanks!

Cecil and Lori

My friends and I were at Scene75 last night and we had a fantastic time! I loved the beer selection, game selection, and all the different things you can do. We didn’t eat, but saw some food and it looked awesome. We will definitely be back! Thanks for bringing this to Dayton and being five minutes from my home!


I had a birthday party for my wife a couple of days ago and couldn’t be happier on the way things turned out. Melinda from Radars was a huge help in getting everything set up for me. Thanks guys and keep up the good work. We will definitely be back. As a matter a fact we are looking into planning a company outing here. GREAT PLACE:)


The whole city is buzzing about this place! Its going to be great for Dayton! Can’t wait til you open!


Cannot wait for this to open; finally something to be excited about in Dayton.


I am pretty excited about it; I think it will be an amazing place for Dayton!!!! My hats off to Scene75 for doing and giving this opportunity to Dayton.


I have the feeling there will be tents and people in line DAYS before opening day. People…get your folding chairs ready!!! I will be waiting in line.


There last night for 1st time. Had a blast! Gonna be a great winter hang out!


I have lived in the area all my life. Glad something like this is coming north of town!


Honestly what you all are doing…I think this will be the new heart beat of Dayton!!!!! Seriously cant wait!!!!


We are all cheering you on! You’re helping turn Dayton back into The Gem City!! You go!


Fun for the whole family!


My fiancee works at Evans and has talked about Scene75 for weeks. We can’t wait. I also told my boss at Cricket it would be great to get our crew out there for some team building fun. This will be great for the Dayton area!!


Love what you all are doing. Will for sure be visiting a lot.


About time we had somewhere and something to do up north! Can’t wait for you to open!


This will be the BEST entertainment venue in the region.


Woooot…it’s about time we got a great entertainment center close by!!! GO SCENE TEAM GO!!!!


Absolutely had a blast my first time tonight there. Have no complaints at all. Thank you for bringing something good to Dayton.


Just wanted to say thank you. My son Chase is 9 years old and used to be a happy little boy. He loved to ride his bike go camping and play soccer with his dad..But then his dad wrecked his motorcycle and died when chase was 7 and my son totally shut down. He wouldnt play soccer cause his dad wasnt here to coach. He has spent two years really sad and as his mom it breaks my heart. I have taken him other places and he goes but with no emotion until I brought him to scene 75 and it was like he finally gave himself permission to be happy even if just for 1 day he was laughing and giggling and had an absolutely wonderful time. it was amazing to see the transformation so thank you for making a very sad little boy happy.


This place is gonna be sweet!!!


I am telling everyone I know about your place! Dayton has needed something like this for a LONG time! Thank you AND thank you for bringing the jobs to dayton!!! EXCITING!!!


Scene75 is the best thing to happen north of Dayton in a very long time.


Scene 75 has got to be one of the best places on earth. We have so much fun there and always get treated well. I’m glad that it’s here for us to enjoy.


Yo, i have to say i went here last year, and it’s by far the best family fun center in Ohio. I live in Columbus and we have Magic Mountain and it doesn’t begin to compare to this place. The indoor racing is nice, the assortment of video games, golf, etc… The food is even good. The roasted chicken wings and pizza was prepared hot and ready and the service was very friendly and kind. I can’t wait to go back again.


I worked in Gatlinburg, TN all summer last year. Lots of free time, lots of various black light & indoor golf courses, but NOTHING extravagant and beautiful like this. I can’t wait to play a round!


My son & his friends celebrated his 13th b-day with you all day Saturday. Well worth the drive from Cincy, they absolutely has a BLAST! Thank you!


Thank you so much for an awesome time yesterday. My husband’s surprise 40th was amazing. Our family had a blast & will be back. The kids bounce area is the greatest idea ever. Tires them out.


I think 99.9% of us who live anywhere close to Dayton thinks it will be a HUGE success, and are anxiously awaiting the opening. Thank you so much for bringing Scene75 to us.