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How do I pay for my visit to Scene75?

At Scene75, there is no charge for admission! Simply visit, load a desired dollar value onto a Scene75 Game Card at one of our point of sale stations or Iteller automated kiosks, and enjoy all games and attractions in the facility with simple swipes of your card – the corresponding dollar amount of the attraction or game will be automatically deducted from your initial loaded dollar value. All attractions can be paid for using your Scene75 Game Card! Card value is not valid for food or beverages.

Is my $100 party deposit refundable?

We apologize in advance, but we are unable to refund party deposits in the event of a cancellation.  Please understand that we need to staff for parties well in advance of your specific party date in order to ensure we provide the best service to each event we host.  Please rest assured, however, that party deposits are always applied toward the total price of your party.

I really want to play a video game that the Chaos Room does not carry in its extensive gaming library. May I bring my own game from home to play in the gaming theaters?

Yes!  While we do our best to carry the most popular titles on each of the gaming platforms, please understand that there are thousands of games on the market and thus simply aren’t able to inventory every game.  If there is a game you own that we do not carry, feel free to bring it with you to the Chaos Room.  Please note that under certain circumstances our team may be unable to accommodate your private gaming request; such examples may include, but aren’t limited to, your request to play a strictly one-player game during peak hours or a game that involves overly offensive graphics or language.  All game requests that we don’t carry are subject to staff discretion.

How fast are your go-karts and how old/tall must I be to ride?

Our go-karts are set for a maximum speed of 18 mph.  While capable of going faster, we control our go-karts such that riders of all skill levels can enjoy the track.  To ride the go-karts, you must be a minimum of 10 years old and 58″ tall to ride.  Per staff’s discretion, all age and size restrictions are subject to being able to safely control the kart.  We now have double seat go-karts!

Do I need to wear socks in the Bouncing arenas?

Yes! You must wear socks to bounce.  In the event you forget to bring socks, we sell them at the bouncing sales counter.

How old must one be to play in the laser tag arena?

While our laser tag equipment is the lightest on the market, they may be too heavy for anyone younger than 5 years old; thus, we require our laser tag players to be at least 5 years of age.

How old must one be to drive a Spin Zone bumper car?

Our Spin Zone bumper cars feature an inner-tube design, making them incredibly safe.  That being said, one must be 48″ tall and at least 5 years old to ride.

Do you allow independents to play in your volleyball leagues or must I have a team already formed?

While we encourage you to build your own team with friends, colleagues, neighbors, family members, etc., you are certainly welcome to join a league as an independent player.  We will do our best to create a team for you!